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Pokemon Go Regice Raid guide: Counters, weaknesses & how to defeat

Published: 26/Nov/2021 17:21

by James Busby


Regice is returning to Pokemon Go’s 5-Star Raids for a limited-time Raid Hour, so we’ve got the best counters to take advantage of its weaknesses and add this powerful Legendary to your collection.

To celebrate the end of the Season of Mischief, there’s a special Raid Hour taking place in Pokemon Go on November 28, where the Legendary Titans trio Regice, Regirock, and Registeel will return from 6PM until 7PM.

If you want to add all three Legendary Titans to your team, then you’ll need to be prepared to battle it out in the game’s 5-Star raids. If you would like to get a Regice in Pokemon Go, we’ve got you covered below.



Regice Pokemon Go
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
Regice is very powerful in Pokemon Go, but the right counters will help you.

Regice weaknesses in Pokemon Go

As a pure Ice-type Pokemon, Regice has a few obvious weaknesses you’ll want to exploit: Fire, Fighting, Rock, and Steel. Focus on bringing Pokemon of these types into battle for the best chance of success.

Remember that Regice and its Ice-type attacks are strong against Dragon, Grass, Ground, and Flying-type Pokemon. Avoid using these types at all costs, as Regice will have no problem defeating them.

Regice best counters in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Fast Move Charged Move
Chandelure Fire Spin Overheat
Reshiram Fire Fang Overheat
Darmanitan Fire Fang Overheat
Metagross Bullet Punch Meteor Mash
Chandelure Incinerate Overheat
Lucario Counter Aura Sphere
Volcarona Fire Spin Overheat
Blaziken Counter Blast Burn
Rampardos Smack Down Rock Slide

Regice moveset in Pokemon Go

Regice as a Raid Boss is capable of learning six moves. These range from Ice-type, Rock-type, Normal-type, Ground-type, and Fighting-type. All Regice’s moves are listed below:

  • Frost Breath 
  • Rock Smash 
  • Lock-On
  • Earthquake 
  • Blizzard
  • Focus Blast

How to catch Regice in Pokemon Go

Regice will appear in 5-Star Raids during a special Raid Hour on Sunday, November 28, 2021, from 6PM to 7PM local time. As with any Legendary, you’ll need to defeat it before you can try to catch it.


Once you win the battle, you’ll be given a set amount of Premier Balls to throw. Its catch rate is very low, but you can increase your chances of securing it by getting Excellent throws, Curve Balls, and using Berries.

Can Regice be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

The good news is that Shiny Regice is currently available in Pokemon Go, but as with any Shiny variation, it won’t be easy to catch, and there aren’t any special methods to increase your chances.

The only way to encounter a Shiny Regice is to take part in as many 5-Star Raid Battles as you can, and hope for the best. You’ll only have an hour, so a lot of this will be down to luck!


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