Pokemon turns rock salt ‘Mon Nacli into an actual saltshaker

Noelle Corbett
Nacli over Pokemon Scarlet and Violet key artThe Pokemon Company

The Pokemon Company has released an adorable saltshaker based on Scarlet and Violet’s Rock Salt Pokémon Nacli.

Over the years, Pokemon has encouraged fans to incorporate their favorite characters into every aspect of their lives. There’s plenty of official merchandise out there to bring Pokemon to virtually every part of the house.

Now, the franchise has expanded its line of kitchenware with a charming new saltshaker that’s fittingly based on Generation 9’s Nacli.

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Salt shaker based on the Pokemon NacliThe Pokemon Company

Nacli saltshaker brings Pokemon to the kitchen

The Nacli saltshaker, which is available on the Japanese Pokemon Center website, is an uncanny replica of Generation 9’s Rock Salt Pokemon. It even has the creases visible on Nacli’s official artwork.

It costs 2200 JPY (around $13.53) and measures 8.4×7.35×7.5 cm, which is a bit large compared to the average saltshaker.

Introduced in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Nacli is a Rock-type based on rock salt. Its English name is even inspired by the chemical formula for sodium chloride (NaCl). That formula is also present in the names of both of Nacli’s evolutions, Naclstack and Garganacl.

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Strengthening its connection to salt even further, Nacli’s evolution line has the exclusive ability Purifying Salt, which makes the Pokemon immune to status conditions and gives it resistance to Ghost-type moves.

Sadly, the Nacli saltshaker is not currently available abroad, as the Pokemon Center Japan website does not ship internationally. However, Nacli fans can purchase a plush based on the Rock Salt Pokemon

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