Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player discovers infinite Shiny Duplication glitch

shiny rookidee

A Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player has discovered a glitch that allows players to duplicate a Shiny Pokemon encounter infinitely, and here is how it works.

Shiny Pokemon are among the rarest creatures in the Pokemon games, and as such, players often attempt to find the easiest ways to encounter them. This is often done by raising the odds of finding a Shiny Pokemon via a hunting method, Shiny Charm, or using multiple systems.

However, some trainers look for ways to duplicate Shiny Pokemon using glitches. While the first Shiny may be legitimate, trainers have found various ways throughout the series to replicate either the Pokemon itself or the initial encounter.

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But one trainer accidentally stumbled upon a Shiny Duplication glitch in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. While they may not know exactly how it works, they have proven that there is a way to replicate a Shiny encounter infinitely.

Shiny duplication glitch discovered in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

The glitch was discovered by SideArms4Reason, who was exploring the map of Paldea in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. After catching a Shiny Rookidee, they saved and relaunched their game to find another Shiny Rookidee in the same spot the last one spawned.

In a video posted to YouTube, they gave a rundown on each step they took to make the glitch happen. They also showed the glitch in action multiple times and showed that it was duplicating the exact spawn as each Rookidee shared the same stats and nature.

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The Shiny Duplication glitch was activated using the following steps:

  • Find a Shiny Pokemon in the wild
  • Catch the Pokemon
  • Go to a Pokecenter and heal your team
  • Save the game twice
  • Press the Home button on the Switch and close out of the game completely
  • Relaunch Pokemon Scarlet or Violet
  • Go to the same location the Shiny Pokemon spawned
  • Save game
  • Repeat steps 2-7

It’s important to note we don’t know precisely why this is happening and aren’t sure all of the steps listed above are necessary, as the glitch was just discovered. But it does show that Shiny Pokemon encounters can be duplicated without the need for hacking.

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