Pokemon Go Shadow Mewtwo: Best moveset for PvP and Raids

Nathan Ellingsworth
The Pokemon Shadow Mewtwo appears in front of the moon, shrouded in a dark cloud

Mewtwo is one the most powerful Attackers in Pokemon Go and it’s finally back in action. If you want to add Shadow Mewtwo to your team and get the most out of it you’ll need to use the best moveset possible, and this guide covers just that.

After all these years Pokemon Go has a lot of powerful Pokemon capable of dominating battles, but one particularly terrifying foe strikes fear into the hearts of players across the globe.

Regardless of whether you are battling in PvP or Raids, Mewtwo is one of the best Pokemon in the game, often topping the meta. That’s doubly true of Shadow Mewtwo, an even more powerful variant that is only available on rare occasions.

If you are the lucky owner of a Shadow Mewtwo, learn how to use this colossal creature with our guide to the best Shadow Mewtwo moveset in Pokemon Go.


Shadow Mewtwo in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Shadow Mewtwo all moves

Shadow Mewtwo learns a lot of moves with a learnset consisting of two Fast Moves and nine Charged Moves. This diverse movepool is made up as follows:

Mewtwo Fast Moves

  • Confusion (Psychic/STAB)
  • Psycho Cut (Psychic /STAB)

Mewtwo Charged Moves

  • Focus Blast (Fighting)
  • Frustration (Normal)
  • Hyper Beam (Normal)
  • Ice Beam (Ice)
  • Psychic (Psychic/STAB)
  • Psystrike (Psychic/STAB)
  • Shadow Ball (Ghost)
  • Thunderbolt (Electric)

Pokemon Go Shadow Mewtwo best PvP moveset

The best PvP moveset for Shadow Mewtwo is Psycho Cut as a Fast Move and Psystrike plus Focus Blast as its Charged Moves.

Psycho Cut outclasses Confusion making it Mewtwo’s best Fast Attack. It doesn’t deal as much damage as Confusion but lets Mewtwo use significantly more Charged Moves, resulting in more DPS overall.

Meanwhile, Psystrike makes the best use of Shadow Mewtwo’s STAB damage from being a Psychic-type Pokemon. It’s favored over Psychic as Psystrike doesn’t require much energy making it easier to spam and take down opponents quickly.

The second Charged Move slot is best used for coverage and for that Focus Blast stands out as the best option. Focus Blast’s main strength is that it provides coverage against several types: Normal, Rock, Steel, and Ice. Without a Fighting-type move, Mewtwo wouldn’t be able to hit any of these for supereffective damage.

As for Shadow Mewtwo’s viability in PvP, while it’s a difficult option to justify in Great League or Ultra League, it is incredible in Master League. With a high enough CP, the Psychic-type’s raw power makes it hard for even the meta game’s tankiest Pokemon to survive.

Pokemon Go Shadow Mewtwo best Raid moveset

With Shadow Mewtwo being the best Psychic-type Attacker in Pokemon Go, an optimized moveset is a must. The best Raid moveset for Shadow Mewtwo Psycho Cut as its Fast Move and Psystrike as its Charged Move.

The combination of these powerful moves that both benefit from STAB lets Shadow Mewtwo deal more damage than any other Psychic-type Pokemon. This makes it the best pick against Fighting and Poison-type Raid bosses that are weak to Psychic attacks. However, Shadow Mewtwo’s Attack stat is so high that it’s still a viable option even when only dealing neutral damage.

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