How to watch Pokemon: To Be a Pokemon Master anime series

Philip Trahan
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Western Pokemon fans are finally getting the finale to Ash Ketchum’s run in the anime with the Pokemon: To Be a Pokemon Master series. Here’s everything you need to know about how to watch it.

As many fans of the Pokemon anime likely know, Ash Ketchum’s time in the anime has ended, making way for new protagonists in a brand-new series.

However, the anime didn’t end Ash’s stories unceremoniously. The Pokemon Company dedicated an 11-episode mini-series to see Ash and Pikachu off, which aired far earlier in Japan than it did overseas.

Now that mini-series is finally making its way to the West on Netflix. So, here’s everything Pokemon fans need to know about Pokemon: To Be a Pokemon Master.

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Pokemon: To Be a Master sees familiar faces return, like Brock and Misty.

The schedule for Pokemon: To Be a Pokemon Master

The Pokemon: To Be a Pokemon Master series will air on Netflix beginning on September 8, 2023.

Like Netflix has done with previous Pokemon anime series in the past, To Be a Pokemon Master will be released in batch format. However, since this series is only 11 episodes, it seems they will all be released simultaneously.

The plot of Pokemon: To Be a Pokemon Master

After Ash and Goh part ways at the end of the Pokemon Journeys series, Ash begins a new journey alone with Pikachu. Along the way, Ash reunites with old team members and familiar faces like Brock and Misty and encounters Legendary Pokemon like Latias. Over the course of this new journey, Ash discovers what his dream of being a Pokemon Master really means to him.

Fans looking to watch the Pokemon: To Be a Pokemon Master anime series on Netflix can follow this link here.

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