How to watch Pokemon Horizons anime episodes: Release date, schedule, more

Philip Trahan
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The new Pokemon anime series, Pokemon Horizons, officially began airing in Japan, so where can fans watch the first episode, and what’s its release schedule from here? Here’s a rundown of what fans can expect from this new anime.

Ash Ketchum’s Pokemon journey has officially come to an end after two decades of traveling around the Pokemon world and training to become a Pokemon Master.

The new Pokemon anime series will feature two brand new protagonists called Liko and Roy, as well as a whole colorful cast of supporting characters—including a brand new Pikachu partner.

As many fans are no doubt excited about this new chapter for the anime, here’s a helpful breakdown of when, where, and how viewers can watch the Pokemon Horizons anime in the future.

Is Pokemon Horizons available in English yet?

On November 29, 2023, The Pokemon Company confirmed that Pokemon Horizons has will premiere in the US on February 23, 2024 through Netflix.

The English premiere will air nearly one year after the series began in Japan, as the first episode of Pokemon Horizons aired on April 14, 2023 through TV Tokyo.

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Pokemon Horizons will air exclusively in Japan for a certain period of time before being dubbed in English and other languages.

Unfortunately, there is also currently no legal way for Pokemon fans to watch the first episode outside of Japan. There are already places where fans can watch the unofficial English subtitled version of the first episode, but trainers will have to search these websites out on their own and exercise caution.

Fans won’t have to wait too much longer before the next chapter of the Pokemon anime finally debuts in English.

Pokemon Horizons – where to watch

In the same post confirming the English release date, The Pokemon Company also confirmed that the series will debut on Netflix in the West, similar to how Pokemon Ultimate Journeys was released.

There is currently no official confirmation on how Netflix will release episodes for Pokemon Horizons when the anime arrives on the streaming platform, however, it will most likely be released in batches of episodes instead of weekly, like Pokemon Ultimate Journeys before it.

We will update this article when more official news surrounding the English release of Pokemon Horizons becomes available, so be sure to check back for the latest information.