Pokemon anime: Aim to be a Pokemon Master Episode 2 reunites Ash & Misty with plenty of snark

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The Pokemon anime’s special season “Aim to be a Pokemon Master” has aired Episode 2, seeing Ash and Misty reunited in a heated fishing battle. Fans are delighted with the nostalgic levels of snark.

Ash and Misty have finally reunited in the second episode of the Pokemon anime season “Aim to be a Master”. The special episodes, which will conclude Ash’s journey as the anime’s protagonist, have promised to bring back notable characters from previous seasons. However, the reunion between Ash and Misty isn’t tender, with the two quickly giving in to their competitive personalities.

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The Pokemon anime episode starts with Ash letting his team of Pokemon out on the beach. Ash’s party differs from the first episode, sporting Pikachu, Rowlet, Leavanny, Corphish, and Totodile. After dangling its tail in the water, Pikachu fishes up a Clauncher. Ash decides to catch the wild Pokemon, only to be stopped by Misty.

The two both express their love for the Water-type before agreeing to a heated fishing competition, agreeing that whoever catches Clauncher first can add it to their team. However, the stand-odd quickly devolves into familiar, snarky banter as the two begin making fun of each other.

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Pokemon anime fans love Ash and Misty’s nostalgic snark

In a Twitter post by ChikoritaCheez, the Pokemon anime fan shares a clip of Ash and Misty’s reunion, stating, “Ash and Misty’s old school season 1 banter being back is just so beautiful!”

Pokemon anime fans in the comments agree, with one adding, “The sassiness of Ash from his Kanto and Johto days returned because Misty always brought it out XD” with another pointing out, “Seeing both of them together since the beginning of Pokémon. They still have that friendship moments when they were traveling together back then I know they will bump into Brock soon lol”.

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Eventually, after a typical Pokemon anime appearance of Team Rocket is navigated, Ash and Misty end up battling each other for the chance to catch Clauncher. Misty comes out victorious, adding the feisty Water-type to her team.

However, the pair don’t part ways, with Misty following Ash and asking to join him after they have left the beach. While Ash doesn’t seem as keen to have her along, Pikachu hugs her leg, leaving Ash no choice but to agree. With Misty now included, it is likely their snarky interactions will continue for many Pokemon anime episodes to come.

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