Pokemon ‘Aim To Be A Pokemon Master’ anime titles leaked for episodes 2 & 3

Philip Trahan
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New details surrounding early episode summaries have emerged about the upcoming Pokemon anime miniseries which is set to wrap up Ash’s journey.

With confirmation that Ash’s journey in the Pokemon anime is coming to an end, a miniseries titled Pokemon: Aim to be a Pokemon Master in Japan is set to fully conclude the young trainer’s story.

Though not too much is known about the series just yet, it seems that Ash will be discovering what it means to be a Pokemon Master while traveling around and revisiting some of his old companions.

Now, leaked details for Episodes two and three have surfaced, which confirmed that Ash will meet up with three of his friends from past seasons.

New Pokemon miniseries details leak online

A post on the Pokemon anime subreddit by user Magister_Xehanort revealed rough translations for both the episode titles and summaries for Episodes two and three of the upcoming miniseries.

According to the leak, Episode two will focus on Ash reuniting with Misty from the first two major seasons of the anime. Ash and Pikachu will find themselves on a beach where they encounter a wild Clauncher.

As Ash attempts to catch the Clauncher, Misty arrives and the two compete to see who can catch the Clauncher first.

Episode three continues with Ash and Misty, who eventually meet up with Brock and Cilan, who appeared in the Pokemon Black & White anime series. While Brock is lamenting another one of his lost loves, he is captured by a wild Hatterene for some unknown reason. Ash, Misty, and Cilan work together to try and rescue Brock.

While Ash’s previous traveling companions have met and interacted with each other before in the previous series, it seems that this miniseries may give fans the opportunity to see some never-before-seen interactions between Ash’s friends like Cilan and Misty.

While the miniseries is set to contain only 11 episodes total, if the remaining episodes are similar to these early ones it seems this miniseries may be the perfect way to cap off Ash’s Pokemon Journey once and for all.

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