Pokemon: Johto League Champions Complete Collection is a massive 60% off

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The Pokemon: Johto League Champions Complete Collector’s DVD Set covering 52 episodes focused on Ash’s Gym Badge journey is now 60% off.

Pokemon fans can currently grab a collector’s DVD box set that covers 52 vivid episodes focused on protagonist Ash Ketchum’s coming-of-age journey for 60% off, only on Amazon.

The set lets fans revisit trainer Ash Ketchum’s entire tournament and Gym Badge pursuing journey across the series’ popular Johto region.

The collector’s compilation follows ten-year-old aspiring Pokemon Master Ash, loyal pal Pikachu, and friends Misty and Brock touring the Johto Region. Along the way, he reunites and teams up with friendly rivals and past travel companions too.

They meet intriguing new Pokemons across 52 action-packed episodes from the anime’s beloved early seasons originally airing twenty years ago. Various episodes center on the trio investigating mysteries tied to Johto’s history.

Other stories feature Pokemon battle competitions allowing different ‘mons’ talents to shine. Fans can watch Ash enter tournaments including the Sumo Conference focused on brute force.

Save big on Pokemon: Johto League Champions – The Complete Collection

Pokemon: Johto League Champions - The Complete Collection

With Team Rocket always plotting dastardly schemes nearby, vibrant Pokemon stories that shaped the enduring franchise unfold episode by episode in this Johto League release.

Relive Pokemon nostalgia or share a piece of anime history with younger monster catchers through this deal. Bring home a discounted piece of early days of Pokemon before the Amazon deal leaves.

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