How to get Spheal in Pokemon Go and can it be Shiny?

Nathan Ellingsworth
Key art shows the pokemon Spheal against a blurred background

Often known as the Clap Pokemon, Spheal is an adorable Ice and Water-type Pokemon harkening back to the Hoenn days in Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire.

The spherical sweetie is based on a seal, naturally, but doesn’t quite have the properties of the imaginatively-named Kanto creature Seel. Spheal has its own personality, a three-stage evolution, and even a distinctly different Shiny that makes it a coveted piece for collectors.

So if you want to add this rotund little dude to your Pokemon Go party, be sure to check out our full guide breaking down everything you need to know. This includes how to find it, whether it can be Shiny, and how to make the little guy evolve into something much more powerful.

How to get Spheal in Pokemon Go

Spheal can be encountered through the regular means in Pokemon Go, often appearing in the overworld, and ordinarily being found in biomes surrounding bodies of water.

Spheal is also the start of the next Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour, meaning it will appear more frequently in the wild on July 9, 2024, between 6-7 PM local time. While there is an increased chance of seeing the Pokemon in the wild, Spotlight Hour does not boost Shiny odds like Pokemon Go Community Day.

At the time of writing, Spheal is not a part of any of the Pokemon Go Egg pools. So, don’t expect to see Spheal popping out of any Eggs.

Can Spheal be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

Yes, Shiny Spheal is available in Pokemon Go. Don’t worry as you can’t miss it, with Shiny Spheal swapping its blue coat for an adorable bright pink variant.

Thankfully both of its evolutions keep this pink design, with both Sealeo and Walrein retaining the vivid palette in their Shiny forms.

How to evolve Spheal in Pokemon Go

Screenshots from Pokemon Go show how to evolve Spheal

Players must use 25 Spheal Candy to evolve Spheal into Sealeo, then a further 100 Spheal Candy to evolve Sealeo into Walrein.

Spheal requires no evolution items, nor Pokemon Go challenges, for it to evolve. It does need plenty of Spheal Candy, so set it as your Buddy and get exploring.

Alternatively, catch plenty of Spheal as part of the next Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour.

Pokemon Go Spheal stats

A screenshot from Pokemon Go shows the Pokemon Spheal

Utilizing both Water and Ice-type, Spheal is one cold customer that can use a bevy of Special Attacks.


Spheal Fast Moves

  • Water Gun (Water)
  • Rock Smash (Fighting)

Spheal Charged Moves

  • Body Slam (Normal)
  • Water Pulse (Water)
  • Aurora Beam (Ice)
  • Frustration (Normal) [Shadow]
  • Return (Normal) [Purified]

Spheal Resistances

Spheal Weaknesses

That’s all there is to know if you want to add Spheal to your party, but there’s so much more to keep up with in Pokemon Go. Be sure you don’t miss any upcoming events with our guides on the Pokemon Go Shared Skies season, as well as the next Pokemon Go Community Day.

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