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How to get Shiny Smeargle in Pokemon Go

Published: 15/Apr/2021 11:59

by Daniel Megarry


Shiny Smeargle is making its debut in Pokemon Go as part of an upcoming Snap-themed event. Here’s when and how you can catch it.

While new additions to the Go Pokedex often get the most attention, it’s also exciting when Niantic adds Shiny versions of existing ‘mon to the game. After all, getting your hands on one of these rare creatures gives you the ultimate bragging rights.

The latest Shiny to be announced is Smeargle. The Gen II ‘mon will be appearing as a Shiny in the game for the first time as part of the upcoming New Pokemon Snap celebration, which coincides with the release of the long-awaited Snap sequel on April 30, 2021.


Below you’ll find everything you need to know about catching the rare Shiny variant of Smeargle, including its release date and the step-by-step method you’ll have to follow to find it.

When is Shiny Smeargle released in Pokemon Go?

Shiny Smeargle Pokemon Go
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
Shiny Smeargle is coming to Pokemon Go.

Although the Shiny variation of this popular Johto ‘mon has been confirmed by Niantic, it’s not currently in the game and won’t be for a little while yet.

Shiny Smeargle will be available to catch in Pokemon Go from Thursday, April 29, 2021, at 10AM until Sunday, May 2, 2021, at 8PM local time, which is when the New Pokemon Snap celebration takes place.

Niantic have confirmed in an official blog post that Shiny Smeargle will not appear once the Snap event is over, although it could return in future events. If you’re determined to get the rare ‘mon, it’s wise to set yourself a reminder.


How to get Shiny Smeargle in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Snapshot mode
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
Snapshot mode is the key to getting Shiny Smeargle.

Much like Ditto, the Normal-type Smeargle can’t be caught in the same way as other Pokemon. It won’t appear in the Wild, and can’t be found by hatching eggs. Instead, you’ll have to follow a specific method.

Smeargle was added to Go back in 2019, much later than its fellow Gen II creatures. Trainers could spend years playing and never find one, as it only appears if you use the Snapshot camera mode in the game.

Here’s how to get a Shiny Smeargle in Pokemon Go:

  1. Open the Pokemon Go app.
  2. Select any of your Pokemon from the ‘Pokemon’ menu.
  3. Open Snapshot mode by pressing the camera icon in the top right.
  4. Take multiple photos of your Pokemon.
  5. Press the exit button and review your photos.
  6. If Smeargle appears in a photo, it will then pop up in the Wild.
  7. Tap it and prepare to catch it!

If Smeargle doesn’t appear in any of your photos, you’ll simply have to try again until it does. Fortunately, Niantic have confirmed that Smeargle will appear more often than normal, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find.


This could still be quite a long process, though, as it’s not guaranteed you’ll find a Smeargle every time you use Snapshot mode, and there’s only a small chance it will be a Shiny when you do eventually get one,

You can find more information about the New Pokemon Snap event in Go, including event-exclusive Field Research and camera-themed avatar items, right here.