How to get Shiny Trubbish & Garbodor in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Trubbish & GarbodorNiantic / The Pokemon Company

A year after its release, Unova Pokemon Trubbish and Garbodor will finally gets their Shiny forms in Pokemon Go. Here is when and where to find the rare variant of the Gen V creature in the mobile title.

Originally making its debut in 2010’s Pokemon Black and White, Trubbish has since become a fan favorite. The waste-filled creature has taken the crown from Kanto’s Muk as everyone’s favorite trash-themed monster.

Trainers who adore the Gen V character will be excited as the ‘mon’s Shiny version is finally being added to Pokemon Go. Here is how to find and catch its rare secondary form.

Shiny Trubbish and Garbodor Pokemon Go DexNiantic / The Pokemon Company
Shiny Trubbish and Garbodor make their Pokemon Go Debut during Sustainability Week.

Pokemon Go Shiny Trubbish & Garbodor release date

Trubbish was originally introduced into Pokemon Go at the start of 2020. A year after its debut, the beloved creature is finally getting its Shiny form as a part of the game’s Sustainability Week event.

Trainers can start finding the ‘mon on Tuesday, April 20 at 10:00 AM. While its Shiny variant will be permanently added to the game, players will have an easier time obtaining it during the special celebration which ends on Sunday, April 25 at 8:00 PM local time.

Players should take advantage of the environmental event as Niantic is offering several ways to to encounter the ‘mon which we will detail below.

How to find Shiny Trubbish in Pokemon Go

Shiny Trubbish Shiny Trubbish Pokemon Go Dex  Wild Spawn


Shiny Garbodor Shiny Garbodor Pokemon Go Dex  Evolve Shiny Trubbish

Wild Spawn

From April 20 to the 25th, Trubbish will be spawning across the map with a boosted rate. Trainers can use an Incense and drive or walk around the real world to increase their chances of finding a Shiny.

Using a lure at PokeStops and Gyms is also a great way to run into the Gen V’s characters rare variant. Users should also pay attention to the “Nearby” tab. If you see a silhouette of the ‘mon, go to the location as soon as possible as you never know – it could be the rare form.


Just like the wild spawns, Trubbish will start appearing in raids during the Sustainability Week. Make sure to not miss out on these guaranteed encounters which end on April 25th.

Even after the environmental celebration ends, Niantic will continue to rotate the Gen V ‘mon in and out of the PVE mode.

Screenshot of Pokemon Go Raid Boss logo.Niantic / The Pokemon Company
Shiny Trubbish can also be found in raids.

To get Garbodor, players need to catch a Shiny Trubbish and use 50 Candy to evolve it to its second evolution. Given that users will be catching a ton of the creature during the April event anyway, Candy should be easy to come by.

While the variant is easier to get during Sustainability Week, fans can still catch it in Pokemon Go once the celebration is over. The character tends to show up during Cloudy weather.