How to fix Pokemon Scarlet & Violet frame rate performance issues

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Frame Rate issuesThe Pokemon Company/GameFreak

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players have found a way to resolve the game’s framerate issues that are plaguing players who are playing the game for hours at a time.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet has officially been released to eager trainers around the world, and we’ve got a wide variety of guides available for players to enjoy.

As soon as it was released, however, players began noticing frame rate performance issues after playing the game — with some claiming it’s borderline unplayable.

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Popular Pokemon Twitter account Centro has found a workaround for the issue, however, and it appears to be something that GameFreak can easily fix with future updates.

How to fix Pokemon Scarlet & Violet frame rate issues

On November 17, Centro posted a tweet on his account detailing the quick fix and a potential cause of the problem.

“Framerate issues can be fixed by restarting the game,” they said.

“Based on our testing, the biggest issue we have, the framerate drops, appear to come from a memory leak or similar when you are near towns or cities.”

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In every test they did, they found that the framerate became terrible after playing “for a while,” but saving and restarting the Scarlet & Violet on your sweet appears to fix the issue.

Centro didn’t mention how long it takes for the framerates to drop, but we can safely assume that it is different for every player.

Hopefully, GameFreak will fix the memory leak causing the frame rate drops in the future.

In the meantime, Check out some more guides below:

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