How to claim mystery gifts in Pokemon Sword & Shield – All free codes

by David Purcell


Pokemon Sword and Shield players can get their hands on some of the coolest free Mystery Gifts and if you would like to claim them, there are some codes you need to know about. They do have deadlines, though, so act fast! 

While we're all waiting around for Game Freak to release its first 'Isle of Armor' expansion pass, there's nothing stopping us from opening some special presents in the Galar Region this year, with the chance to get ahold of a number of useful items for a limited time.

If you're looking to catch 'em all in these Pokemon games, opening some mystery gifts will certainly help you along the way. So, let's take a look at what codes can be used to claim them and how it all works.

Pokemon Company
Pokemon Company
Pokemon Sword and Shield's Isle of Armor expansion pass was announced during the first Pokemon Direct of 2020.


All you have to do in order to redeem these mystery gifts is to enter a code into your Nintendo Switch console, much like how redeeming codes work on PlayStation and Xbox.

Mystery gifts mostly have different variants of PokeBalls in them, at the time of writing, but there's a chance that different species will soon be popping out of these free gifts in the near future.

Pokemon Sword & Shield mystery gift codes

Here are the only mystery gift codes that we know about so far, along with the rewards that you will receive for each. As you can see below, there are different things available depending on which code you input and they're not sticking around for long.

  • PRESENT – 10 Luxury Balls (ends January 30)
  • G1GANTAMAX – 20 Battle Points (ends January 30)
  • 0T0SH1DAMA – 10 Dive Balls (ends January 30)
  • AREAS1LVESTRE – 10 Premier Balls (ends February 27)
  • GALAR – 1 Bottle Cap (ends February 28)
  • KAMPFTEAM – 20 Battle Points (ends February 28)

Pokemon / Nintendo
Pokemon / Nintendo
Here's the menu you need to visit in order to redeem your Mystery Gift codes.


Mystery Gift rewards

Different types of PokeBall

For those who haven't used the balls included in these rewards before, let's do a quick run through of what some of them offer you as a trainer.

The Fast Ball increases the chance of catching faster Pokemon. Using it on those that are looking to flee the scene of battle quickly is always a good tactic. A Level Ball increases the chances of catching a Pokemon if the trainer's offering is a high level. The higher the level, the higher the chance of success.

Pokemon / Nintendo
Pokemon / Nintendo
Some Pokemon balls are better than others in certain encounters.


The Moon Ball is good to use for Pokemon that evolve using a Moon Stone, or one of their respective evolutionary variants. A Dive Ball is more successful in water encounters.

A Beast Ball gives the trainer a greater chance of catching an Ultra Beast than just an ordinary, common, Pokemon in the wild. A few examples of these Ultra Beasts are Nihilego, Buzzwole and Pheromosa – introduced in Gen 7.

Using a Heavy Ball will be particularly useful when you encounter a heavy species. The heaviest Pokemon in the new games include Avalugg, Snorlax and Mudsdale. Premier Balls have a catch rate modifier of 1x.

Lure Balls are the most useful when fishing, meaning that anything you can find in the water will be easier to catch using one. And finally, Luxury Balls allow the trainer to quickly create a strong bond with their newest catch, as it increases friendship once caught.


Ranked Battle Rewards

Those players who have played at least one game of Ranked Battles during Season 1 will be eligible for a free mystery gift. According to serebii, the choices are as follows:


Battle Points

So far, there's 40 BP up for grabs in Pokemon Sword and Shield completely free of charge, all of which can be obtained by using two different codes from the list above. These points are a different, much rarer, currency and can be spent on numerous valuables in the Galar Region.

Pokemon / Nintendo
Pokemon / Nintendo
Battle Points can primarily be earned by competing at the Battle Tower, once the game is complete.

On that bombshell, there we have it! Those are all of the ways we have found to receive a free mystery gift in Pokemon Sword and Shield. If we find any more, we'll update this article.