Every Berry & ingredient available in Pokemon Sleep

Cassidy Stephenson
Pokemon Sleep's Chesto Berry

Pokemon Sleep doesn’t just track your hours of rest, you can cook dishes to level up your Snorlax. Here’s every ingredient needed for recipes and every available Berry in the application.

Pokemon Sleep is a new sleep-tracking application that rewards players with different species surrounding a Snorlax. Connecting the free-to-play game with your Pokemon Go Plus+ device lets you get Pikachu to wake you up and sing you a lullaby.

In addition to tracking your hours of sleep, the game also records any noises you make while you’re out for the count. Embarrassingly enough, some users have posted recordings of themselves snoring and farting.

Besides sleep-related content, you can cook various dishes to increase your Snorlax’s Drowsy Power. To complete recipes, you’ll need to find ingredients. Here’s every Berry & ingredient in Pokemon Sleep.


List of all Berries & ingredients in Pokemon Sleep

Snorlax sleeping in Pokemon Sleep

Instead of cooking meals, you can sell ingredients to earn Dream Shards – Pokemon Sleep’s currency. Thanks to Serebii, we have a list of every Berry & ingredient currently available in Pokemon Sleep.

All Berries

Belue Berry This glossy and colorful Berry has a mouthwateringly delicious appearance. However, it’s awfully sour.
Bluk BerryThough this small, delicately skinned Berry is blue in color, it dyes the mouth black when eaten.
Cheri BerryThis bright red Berry is very spicy and has a provocative flavor. It blooms with delicate, pretty flowers.
Chesto Berry This Berry’s thick skin and fruit are very tough and dry-tasting. However, every bit of it can be eaten.
Durin BerryThis Berry is tremendously bitter. Just one bite is enough to instantly stop hiccups.
Figy Berry This Berry is oddly shaped, appearing as if someone took a bite out of it. It’s packed full of spicy substances.
Grepa Berry One bite of this very tender Berry fills the mouth with its sweet and tangy flavor.
Leppa BerryIt takes longer to grow than Berries such as Cheri. The smaller Berries taste better.
Lum BerryThis Berry’s gradual process of storing nutrients beneficial to Pokémon health causes it to mature slowly.
Mago BerryThis Berry progressively curves as it grows. The curvier the Berry, the sweeter it tastes.
Oran BerryNature’s gifts came together as one in this Berry. It has a wondrous mix of flavors that spread in the mouth.
Pamtre BerryThis Berry drifted from a faraway sea. It can now be cultivated even on this island.
Pecha BerryBecause of its hollow inside pocket, there isn’t a lot to eat. What can be eaten is very sweet and delicious.
Persim BerryThe more this Berry absorbs energy from sunlight, the more vividly colorful it grows.
Rawst BerryIf the leaves grow longer and curlier than average, this Berry will have a somewhat bitter taste.
Sitrus BerrySitrus came from the same family as Oran. It’s larger and smoother- tasting than Oran.
Wiki BerryIt’s said that this Berry grew lumps to help Pokemon grip it, allowing propagation farther afield.
Yache BerryThis Berry has a refreshing flavor that strikes a good balance of dryness and sourness. It tastes better chilled.

All ingredients

NameDescriptionSell Value
Large LeekWhether this is the kind of vegetable stalk that Farfetch’d like is unknown.Seven Dream Shards
Tasty MushroomA juicy mushroom with an abundance of umami flavor.Seven Dream Shards
Fancy EggA nutritious cooking ingredient that goes well with all sorts of seasonings.Five Dream Shards
Soft PotatoIts mellow flavor makes both body and spirit feel warm and fuzzy.Five Dream Shards
Fancy AppleAn apple chosen above others. It has spectacular form and a brilliant sheen.Four Dream Shards
Fiery HerbThe fiery taste of this bright-red herb will wake anyone right up.Five Dream Shards
Bean SausageA healthy sausage made from beans that Pokemon like to eat.Four Dream Shards
Moomoo MilkHighly nutritious milk. Pokemon that drink it become full of energy.Four Dream Shards
HoneyA sweet honey collected by Pokemon.Four Dream Shards
Pure OilAll-purpose oil that can be used in any type of cuisine.Five Dream Shards
Warming GingerSpicy ginger that warms the body better than any other ingredient.Four Dream Shards
Snoozy TomatoA bright-red tomato. Eat it and you’ll sleep like a baby.Four Dream Shards
Soothing Cacao This cacao bean is time-consuming to process, but its soothing effects make the effort worthwhile.Six Dream Shards
Slowpoke TailA very tasty tail of something. When it falls off, it grows back quickly.Fourteen Dream Shards
Greengrass SoybeansThis Greengrass Isle specialty is easy to process into foods that are great for training.Four Dream Shards

How to get Berries & ingredients in Pokemon Sleep

Tap your Helper Pokemon on the main screen to obtain Berries & ingredients in the application. You’ll have to view what Berries your Helper Pokemon can collect in the Pokemon menu. Species with the Berries Specialty can find more Berries than other Pokemon.

Similarly, different Helper Pokemon can obtain certain types of ingredients. Pokemon with the Ingredients Specialty are more likely to find a greater number of ingredients than other Pokemon.

That’s every Berry & ingredient currently available in Pokemon Sleep. Check out our other handy guides for Pokemon Sleep below:

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