Does Pokemon Sleep have Apple Watch support?

Dylan Horetski
Pokemon Sleep Snorlax

Pokemon Sleep is finally available for fans to enjoy alongside the Pokemon Go Plus+ device to help track their sleep schedules. But does Pokemon Sleep work alongside the Apple Watch?

First revealed back in 2019, the Apple Watch has become a staple for fans of the iconic tech company all over the world.

It acts as a fitness tracker first and foremost, tracking steps, heart rate, and even how long you stand every day.

Another major feature is that it tracks users’ sleep patterns, which is the primary focus of Pokemon Sleep. But does Pokemon Sleep have Apple Watch support?

Does Pokemon Sleep work with Apple Watch

Pokemon Sleep does not work with any version of the Apple Watch. At least not at the time of writing, that is.

Pokemon Sleep only works with the Pokemon Go Plus+ right now, but there’s no telling whether or not there will be an update that makes it work with the Apple Watch.

An image of Pikachu in Pokemon Sleep.

There are two main ways that The Pokemon Company could make their new game compatible with the Apple Watch. The first would be creating their own app for the watch that is integrated with Pokemon Sleep.

The second, however, is a bit more complicated for the developers as it would require them to integrate their app with Apple Homekit. The API provided by Apple would give Pokemon Sleep the ability to track sleep patterns through Apple Health just as the watch already does natively.

Pokemon Sleep is now available in quite a few countries, with a full worldwide rollout coming soon. Head over to our Pokemon Sleep section to check out more of our coverage.