Pokemon Sleep is recording players farts and they don’t know how to feel

Cassidy Stephenson
Ash acting shocked in the Pokemon anime

Pokemon Sleep users are losing it after listening to recordings of them farting and snoring the next morning.

Pokemon Sleep is a new application that fans have anticipated for several years now. The game tracks players’ hours of sleep and rewards them the next morning based on their score.

Pokemon Sleep can also connect to the Pokemon Go Plus+ device, which automatically catches species and spins Pokestops. After connecting the two programs, you can wake up to Pikachu as an alarm clock or listen to it sing you a lullaby at night.

Additionally, the application records noises you make while you’re asleep. However, not everyone sleeps peacefully. Therefore, these users were shocked to hear Pokemon Sleep recordings of them snoring and farting.

Pokemon Sleep is tracking more than just hours of rest

An image of Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep.
There are a handful of Pokemon for users to catch in Pokemon Sleep.

A Twitter user posted a 13-second clip of what they discovered the next morning. The sleep-tracking application had managed to capture a short recording of the OP farting.

Another person replied, “I know why I disabled recording. Nobody – including me – ever wants to hear those tragedies I cause in bed.”

The embarrassing incident has also happened to other users. Another Twitter user shared that Pokemon Sleep had recorded their farts and snores.

“How do you feel knowing that almost 50k people listened to your fart,” someone asked in the replies. The post has since reached over 100k views since the user’s comment.

“This is quite possibly the greatest advertisement for this app anyone could ever make,” a second person added.

As Pokemon Sleep rolls out in additional countries, more players will likely post their hilarious findings. Therefore, make sure to stay updated with our Pokemon page for other hysterical stories.