Best moveset for Terrakion in Pokemon Go & is it any good?

Raissa Jerez
Terrakion appearing in a Raid in Pokemon GoNiantic

If you’re looking to add the dual Fighting and Rock-type Terrakion to your Pokemon Go PvP roster now that the Swords of Justice are back, here’s all you need to know, including its best moveset and whether it’s worth the effort or not.

Terrakion is a member of the Swords of Justice quartet, as well as Cobalion, Verizion and Keldeo. These legendary Pokemon were introduced in Gen 5 as part of the Unova Pokedex and made their debut in Go back in 2019.

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Now that Pokemon Go is rolling out the final Raids of the month in order to prepare for the next season, Terrakion is once again available in the game thanks to the 5-star Raid rotations. Players will have the chance to catch it from November 23, 2023, until November 30, 2023.

The strongest of the quartet has an attack based stat spread of 260 (ATK), 192 (DEF), and 209 (STAT), and can reach a max CP value of 4181 in Pokemon Go. Terrakion is vulnerable to Fairy, Fighting, Grass, Ground, Psychic, Steel, and Water-type moves, so players must be very careful during PvP and PvE battles.

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Best moveset for Terrakion

The best moveset players can pick for this big boy consists of Double Kick as a Fast Move and Sacred Sword as a Charged Move, with 19.48 damage per second. However, keep in mind that Sacred Sword can only be learned using an Elite TM.

Double Kick grants Terrakion the energy generation to make full use of its strong STAB combination and excellent Charge Attacks. Plus, it can also get boosted by cloudy weather.

Sacred Sword is Terrakion’s signature move and quite an excellent one, because it’s a powerful move that doesn’t use too much energy.

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Pokemon CompanyTerrakion is a legendary Pokemon from the Unova region.

All moves Terrakion can learn

This bulky mon has 3 Fast Moves and 4 Charged Moves available in Pokemon Go, which range from Fighting to Rock, Ground and even Psychic-type.

Terrakion Fast Moves

  • Zen Headbutt (Psychic)
  • Double Kick (Fightging/STAB)
  • Smack Down (Rock/STAB)

Terrakion Charged Moves

  • Earthquake (Ground)
  • Rock Slide (Rock/STAB)
  • Close Combat (Fighting/STAB)
  • Sacred Sword (Fighting/STAB/Elite TM)

Is Terrakion any good in Pokemon Go?

Terrakion is a premier Fighting attacker, surpassing solid choices like Machamp and Lucario, but because its partial Rock-type, it has more weaknesses than other Fighting mons and it’s often outclassed.

Since Terrakion doesn’t have the bulk or high energy gains to keep up, it’s assured to have a bad time in both Ultra and Master League. Plus, thanks to its defensive typing, almost every Pokemon can abuse its weaknesses and finding the appropriate teammates to cover them can be quite difficult.

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Now that you know Terrakion’s best moveset, check out the rest of our guides to become the ultimate Trainer in Pokemon Go.

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