First looks at Pokemon TCG Twilight Masquerade deemed “dope”

Em Stonham
Dragapult ex Pokemon card with anime background.

The pre-release for Pokemon TCG Twilight Masquerade is in full swing and it’s already going down well with collectors. Snaps of the latest Pokemon cards have been making their way onto social media slowly but steadily, and the overall response is positive so far.

Pre-release events offer fans a glimpse of what the full expansion set looks like, often taking the format of a mini-tournament. Fan-favorite cards quickly emerge online after these events, which can be influential down the line for resellers and collectors.

Some of the cards that have been praised heavily online include the new Dragapult (both the Double Rare, shown below, and the full-art), the Perrin Special Illustration Rare, and the Greninja Special Illustration Rare, along with other gems featuring Eevee, Tatsugiri, and Pinsir.

Popular Twilight Masquerade Pokemon cards.
Dragapult ex (130/167) Pokemon card, Perrin (220/167) card, and Greninja ex (214/167) Pokemon card.

Pokemon TCG fans have been uploading their pre-release hauls online ever since events started kicking off on May 11th, sharing their thoughts on the upcoming set in the process, too.

One lucky collector hit a goldmine with some gorgeous full-art cards and Ogerpon cards, showing how there’s a perfect split between beautiful art and powerful Attacks in this upcoming set.

Other collectors were impressed by their luck, with one person praising the Pinsir Illustration Rare as “dope” and another noting how the Sky Seal Stone Item card on the second slide “seems crazy against some decks”.

It’s important to note that this Item card was pulled from a Play! Pokemon Prize Pack and isn’t part of Twilight Masquerade, but it’s still possible to come across it when taking part in a pre-release event. Players win Prize Packs during these events, giving them access to exclusive, stamped cards with strong Abilities.

Another player unveiled their trio of Twilight Masquerade gems online, showing off a Dragapult, Bloodmoon Ursaluna, and a Legacy Energy ACE SPEC. Other Pokemon fans were impressed by this haul, with one lamenting “I need this kinda luck bruh”.

Twilight Masquerade looks like it could hold value for both competitive players and art collectors, so it’s worth checking out available pre-orders if you haven’t already. Some are even touting Dragapult and other ‘mons from this expansion set as potential Charizard-killers, so it’s certainly one to watch on the competitive circuit.