Where to find & catch Anubis in Palworld: Spawn location

Raissa Jerez

If you aim to capture Anubis in Palworld, prepare for a challenge. This desert guardian isn’t a common find, and we’ll guide you on how to locate and catch it.

Palworld has rapidly ascended the ranks on Steam in less than a week, thanks to its unique mix of survival, crafting, and battling with Pals.

As in Pokemon, some of the species in the game are harder to find than others, like this Egyptian Lucario knockoff called Anubis. This guardian of the desert is a Ground-type Pal you won’t find roaming around the vast areas of the Palpagos Island, as it does not spawn in the wild.

However, there is a way to catch it, but it requires a lot of patience and preparation. So, if you want to find Anubis in the game, here’s everything you need to know.

How to find Anubis in Palworld

The only location for Alpha Anubis is right in the middle of the Twilight Dunes, where you’ll see it walking around a Statue of Power.

anubis location palworld

How to beat & catch Anubis in Palworld

This Egyptian creature can be found in Palworld as an Alpha Pal, meaning there’s only one in the whole game – and you have to fight it to catch it.

Strengths & weaknesses

Anubis will be level 47, so you need to train your team properly if you want to be up to par. Keep in mind that as a Ground-type Pal, it’s strong against Electric-type monsters and weak to Grass-type ones, so make sure you include Pals like Mossanda, Robinquill, or Mammorest to your roster.

In addition, gear up with the strongest guns you can craft, as well as plenty of ammo, Legendary Spheres, and both Heat and Cold Resistant clothing as you’ll melt during the daytime and freeze at night.

Once you manage to catch it, Anubis will be a great teammate thanks to the Guardian of the Desert Partner Skill, which applies Ground damage to the player’s attacks, and also increases the chances of Anubis dodging hits in battle.

As a base worker, it’s good with Handiwork, Mining, and Transporting, but given its high power, it will be a waste to keep it there.

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