Where to find and catch Bushi in Palworld

Melvin Mathew
Finding and catching a Bushi in Palworld

Palworld features a diverse array of creatures, but Bushis is among the rarest in the game. This guide will help you find and capture Bushi in the best way possible.

As a Fire elemental Pal with the Pal Deck number 072, Bushi is a highly sought-after and powerful addition to any Paldeck. 

Bushi showcases its versatility in a variety of activities with a great number of Work Suitability Skills. These include Kindling Lvl. 2, Handiwork Lvl. 1, Gathering Lvl. 1, Lumbering Lvl. 3, and Transporting Lvl. 2.

When Bushi is released from the Sphere, the Pal Skill “Brandish Blade” allows him to launch an instant attack on a target the player designates, which makes this Pal all the more desirable. That being said, here is all you need to know on how to acquire this Pal.

How to find Bushi in Palworld

Spawn locations of Bushi in Palworld

To find Bushi in Palworld, you will have to travel to the southeast of the Bamboo Forest, situated below the Wind Swordsman Reign Teleport. The Wind Swordsman Shrine, located at the coordinates –117, -491, serves as the entry point to the dungeon where Bushis are usually found.

Additionally, Bushi (regular) can be encountered roaming the beach of Fisherman’s Point Teleport on the Southeast Volcanic Island.

You can also possibly hatch Bushi from a Large Scorching Egg. These are found across the islands or obtained by breeding Pals in a Breeding Farm.

Here are the Pals that hatch from a Large Scorching Egg:

  • Pyrin
  • Pyrin Noct
  • Kitsun
  • Bushi
  • Ragnahawk
  • Wixen
  • Reptyro

How to Catch Bushi in Palworld

Bushi as seen on the paldeck

Catching Bushi in Palworld is no easy feat. So, to maximize success, make sure you have at least four level 20 Pals in your team. Water Type Pals, such as Penking, Celaray, Pengullet, and Fuack, are recommended for their capacity to inflict significant damage on Bushi.

The capture process involves weakening Bushi, strategically positioning yourself behind it to enhance capture chances, and then deploying Mega Spheres for the capture attempt.

It’s essential to dodge Bushi’s attacks and recall your Pals at the right time to avoid inadvertently defeating the coveted Pal.

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