Where to find and catch Katress in Palworld

James Lynch
Katress in Palworld

Katress is the parallel Pal to Wixen, both of whom have memorable designs and useful skills for progressing through the game. This is everything you need to know to add this Pal to your burgeoning collection in Palworld.

With more than 100 Pals to collect in Palworld, going after all of them is a fairly substantial undertaking. Though the first ten levels are fairly prescriptive, beyond there the options and choices on where to go and what to capture open up more broadly.

Katress should be attainable from around Level 20, though an extra level or two from there would make the job a lot easier. With an awesome bonus ability that sees Neutral Pals drop more items when fighting alongside Katress, it’s worth pursuing this Pal as soon as possible to grind more items as you traverse the Palpagos Islands.

Here’s all the information you’ll need to make it a reality.

How to find Katress in Palworld

Happily, Katress is relatively easy to track down, occupying much of the main central island in the area around the Frostbound Mountains. As a nocturnal Pal, however, they only spawn at night so make sure to head out in adequate clothing to keep the elements at bay.

Katress location map in Palworld

How to catch Katress: Battle tips

As a Dark element Pal, Katress is naturally weak against Dragon-types and inordinately strong against Neutral Pals. Chillet and Dinossom are solid plays here, if you can get your hands on either of them before seeking out Katress. Alternatively, a high burst damage Pal of any type other than Neutral will work well.

Katress has Lvl 2 Handiwork, Medicine Production and Transporting, a relatively unusual skill combination and one that will prove immensely useful as the game progresses.

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