What is MIT in Overwatch 2?

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Welcome to the universe of Overwatch 2 where you might have stumbled upon the term MIT. For those puzzled by this acronym in the online Hero shooter, we’ve got you covered.

The Overwatch 2 universe features a ton of specialist lingo and terms. Along with all the usual gaming terms we’ve come to accept such as AFK and BRB, Overwatch players will throw in a CC from time to time, or even MIT.

It’s the latter that has the fix of our focus today though. When you’re deep into games of Overwatch 2, the in-game leaderboard will track a whole host of stats. This includes the total eliminations you’ve racked up, your death count, healing, and also MIT.

For more on MIT, our guide has everything you need to and how it influences each game of Blizzard’s Hero shooter.

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What does MIT mean in Overwatch 2?

In the context of Overwatch 2, MIT is a short-form version of Damage Mitigated – a crucial stat tracked during live games on the leaderboard.

As the name suggests, Damage Mitigated tracks the damage prevented by a player’s actions during a game. This could be through blocking enemy fire with a shield, deflecting projectiles, or using any other abilities that decrease incoming harm to your team. Essentially, the higher your MIT number, the more you’ve contributed to keeping your teammates, and yourself, alive and safe in battle.

For example, if a Reinhardt uses his Barrier Field or D.Va uses her Defense Matrix to successfully block incoming damage, this will count as damage mitigated.

The introduction of MIT in Overwatch was a big nod toward more strategic and team-focused gameplay. With MIT, contributions become more visible and measurable, offering Tanks more recognition for their pivotal role in big pushes or defense plays, for instance.

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