Overwatch 2 player discovers how to friendly fire and kill teammates

Michael Gwilliam
ana scoped in on widowmaker in overwatch

An Overwatch 2 player has figured out a way to kill teammates through friendly fire in one of the most absurd gameplay interactions we’ve seen.

Blizzard’s FPS hero shooter is chock-full of unique abilities ranging from powerful melee attacks to life-saving support power-ups – and while some can be frustrating, the devs luckily decided against adding friendly-fire to the game.

Could you imagine how brutal it would be to have a Junkrat ally spam grenades that end up hitting you by mistake? Or a Moira’s healing orb restoring an enemy’s HP? Luckily, players don’t have to worry about that. Well, most of the time.

One Overwatch 2 player recently discovered a way to damage teammates through a glitch that has left the community stunned in disbelief.

Overwatch 2 player kills own teammate with friendly fire

In a post on Reddit, OW2 player ‘SammyIsSeiso’ was playing as Echo and used the hero’s ultimate to Duplicate an enemy Ana.

Right before the transformation ended and the player reverted back to their Echo form, they fired an unscoped healing shot at their Ashe teammate – but instead of restoring their HP, the shot ended up killing them.

“The shot intended to heal Ashe loses ownership and kills her instead,” the player explained.

Amusingly, the Ashe player also posted their POV of the exchange to Reddit, demanding answers without knowing the Echo had also shared footage of the game.

Users were absolutely baffled by this discovery, while others were amazed at how unlucky both the Echo and Ashe players were for that to occur.

“Wait, so ownership is time-based and not assigned to the projectile instance itself? That’s weird,” one remarked.

“There’s a reason you can’t swap heroes when echo is ulting: She barely fu**ing works and the devs would rather lock players from swapping than figure out how to fix her,” someone else chimed in.

“Echo’s transform is apparently a replacement actor. When that second actor is deleted at the end of the ult, the projectile ownership isn’t returned to Echo, but instead becomes blank/null and is treated as an environmental instead,” another revealed.

This isn’t the only Overwatch 2 bug to get the community’s attention recently. A game-breaking Roadhog hook teleport bug went so viral on social media that a former dev chimed in to explain that the script for the ability “looks like every subway map in the world layered on top of itself.”