New World petal cap locations: Where to find, quests, more

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new world petal cap locations
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As players are finally setting out onto their journeys in New World’s Aeternum, they’re going to run across some quests that require certain materials, such as New World petal cap locations.

Amazon Game Studio’s new MMORPG New World has players rediscovering their love for the genre, as we’ve been seeing multiple fans flock from other games such as WoW and Final Fantasy.

Within New World are an endless number of side quests you’ll be able to dive into. From crafting to simply leveling up, there’s a lot of XP to be gained within Aeternum.

One of these quests involves locating petal caps, which can be tricky at first, but we’ve got all New World petal cap locations for you down below.


What are petal caps in New World?

Along your New World journey you’re going to come across a variety of materials within the world that, at a certain level, you’ll be able to craft.

Petal caps are one of these materials, and during your time in Aeternum, you’ve more than likely come across one of them and thought nothing more of it.

They’ll be used for a wide array of quests, and will be a required material in some crafting recipes later down the line. So, it may be worthwhile to gather some now, just to hold onto for future use.

New World petal cap locations

petal caps
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Petal caps are a frequent occurrence around the map.

If you’re in the market to find some of these petal caps, there are a few locations where they’ll be spawning every now and then.

From what we can tell, petal caps spawn primarily around rivers, and we’ve spotted a few in particular around the Windsward region, which is one of the starting regions that you’ve probably encountered by now.

Petal caps can be harvested with Sickles, and they’re not going to require your trade skill to be at a certain level. So, players just starting out will be able to grab these right away!

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