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Best New World weapons ranked tier list for PvE & PvP

Published: 22/Nov/2021 16:45 Updated: 22/Nov/2021 17:11

by Connor Knudsen


New World has 11 weapons that players can mix and match. Here is a ranked tier list of the best PvE and PvP weapons in the game.

Amazon Games’ MMO, New World, continues to be a leading player in the genre following its September 2021 release (albeit with some major ups and downs).

With gold duplications, invulnerability exploits, and a number of other bugs, players have struggled to find what is truly most effective in both PvP and PvE.

But, thanks to some aggressive patching from the dev team, it looks like we can finally take an accurate look at what the best weapons are in New World.



Best New World Weapons for PvP: Ranked tier list

new world pvp
Amazon Games
The best weapons for striking down other adventurers are all about quick and lethal damage output.

#12: Sword and Shield

A mainstay PvE weapon thanks to its ability to let players tank damage, the Sword and Shield struggle to find their footing in PvP situations. Yet, without any major damage-dealing ability of real threat, the best you can hope for is an occasional duel win with the Sword and Shield.

#11: Void Gauntlet

New World’s 12th weapon has little to get fans excited about in its early stages, proving to be more of a supportive option than a DPS one.

To be fair, time will tell how this weapon ages. But, for now, its probably only useful in large crowd situations to debuff healing and support allies.


#10: Spear

Much to the same tune of the Sword and Shield, the Spear lacks a lot of what’s needed in PvP. Your only hope here is not net a good stun or two amidst a heated battle.

It is, however, much better suited to 1v1 than some others.

#9: Bow

The trend of Dexterity weapons continues with the Bow, something that is only very niche in PvP. This weapon really shines from extremely long distances in territory defense, especially thanks to the debuff of its poison cloud.

In any other situation, especially one-on-one, avoid using the Bow when possible.

#8: Musket

musket new world
Amazon Games
While not the best weapon in the game, the Musket can definitely be effective from range.

The Musket, much like the Bow, is really only useful at range when defending a territory. Now that you can’t dual wield the same weapon, those looking to do just that should likely hold both of the Dexterity-focused ranged weapons.


This did get a slight upgrade in Update 1.1, so look for a bit more viability than before.

#7: Great Axe

The Great Axe is a fantastic weapon, just not for most of PvP. The Strength-focused weapon excels at doing loads of AoE damage but struggles to keep up in other departments nor burst down individual enemies quickly enough.

In a War or Outpost Rush, players may be able to get away with using a Great Axe in large crowds. But for dueling and most open-world PvP instances, you won’t want to be caught dead with one.

#6: Rapier

The Rapier finds a bit of a niche in PvP thanks to the annoying and deadly Bleed effects it can omit.


Dealing with a skilled Rapier user in a war, or even a duel, can be an annoying task. However, there are still better options out there.

#5: Ice Gauntlet

new world ice gauntlet
Amazon Games
The frosty Ice Gauntlet is a modest choice in any situation.

Worst of the magic weapons, the Ice Gauntlet still maintains solid effectiveness in wars. Dueling with an Ice Gauntlet wouldn’t be the best idea, but this very well might be one of the best wartime weapons on the board thanks to its oppressive AoE damage and debuffs.

#4: Hatchet

The Hatchet is considered by many to be the undisputed best weapon in New World, and for good reason.

The Berserker Mastery Tree is the primary reason for this weapon’s dominance. This tree provides unyielding damage output and a self-heal that is a close rival to the Life Staff, which is crazy to consider. Not only that, but it’s really the only weapon that thrives off of being in large crows and low on health, making its damage almost continuously stack.


Overall, the Hatchet is a solid option for PvP and one many players will likely see in both wars and duels.

#3: War Hammer

Another one that struggles in individual bouts, the War Hammer is close to a must-have in wars thanks to its incredible stuns.

You’ll have to be patient when wielding one of these massive hunks of metal, as the damage comes slowly. But, when it does come, it’s a lot to deal with.

#2: Fire Staff

The first of what we would consider S-Tier for PvP, the Fire Staff is something players can use across all facets of combat.

Arguably one of the best weapons in the entire game, the Fire Staff can do high burst damage from both close and long-range, can compete with others with its AoE, and has loads of utility and movement.

All in all, outside of a major debuff, the Fire Staff is without a doubt a top-tier weapon for PvP in New World.

#1: Life Staff

life staff new world
Amazon Games
Life Staff’s are the only healing weapon in New World, making them a premium in any PvP endeavor.

It’s hard not to rank the only primary healing weapon highly, as any faction warring without one would quickly perish. But, even if that weren’t the case, the Focus-using staff is solid in its own right thanks to its incredible AoE healing and self-heal for duels.

An easy way to be an asset in New World is to allocate some stats to Focus and use the Life Staff as an alternate weapon. Both you and your Company will thank you for it.

Only one weapon can really top the Life Staff, and you can probably already guess what it is.

Best New World Weapons for PvE: Ranked tier list

new world cave fight
Amazon Games
The best weapons for PvE provide utility and debuffs alongside potent DPS.

#12: Rapier

While the Rapier does have some nice debuffs thanks to its Blood Mastery Tree, the weapon struggles to have a significant impact in PvE. There are simply better options that can outdo the Rapier in just about every way.

#11: Musket

The Musket really struggles in PvE, with the exception of potentially using it as a secondary weapon to get an initial shot off.

The trap is decent for handling small monsters quickly, but nothing about this weapon really helps take down bug bosses or waves of minions effectively.

#10: Void Gauntlet:

The brand new magic weapon struggles to find value in most PvE situations.

The only thing we could really see this being effective for is late-game elite fighting where you’re in large groups. Otherwise, especially for 1v1 fighting, look elsewhere.

#9: Bow

bow new world
Amazon Games
Take aim and drop your enemies from a distance with New World’s Bow.

In much the same way as the Musket, the Bow just doesn’t seem to be largely effective in PvE. Its only saving grace is its intense poison cloud debuff and its quicker fire rate.

If you’re dead set on running a Dex weapon like the Spear and don’t want to use the Life Staff as a secondary, than the Bow is a serviceable choice.

#8: Ice Gauntlet

The Ice Gauntlet was thought to be an S-Tier weapon when New World first debuted, but has since fallen in the eyes of many. While the magic glove does well at AOE and it’s pylon can be a nice way to get passive damage going, it otherwise struggles to compete with the game’s higher-tiered PvE weapons.

But, as an Intelligence secondary to the Fire Staff, now that duplicate weapons can’t be wielded simultaneously, it’s a good choice.

#7: War Hammer

Disabling enemies is a core part of having PvE success and few weapons do it quite as well as the War Hammer. This thing deals a ton of damage, albeit slowly, and can be a great aid for Strength users when they’re not going Berserk with the Hatchet.

#6: Spear

Really the only thing that can compete with the War Hammer’s stuns and disables is the Spear. While the hammer may out damage the pointy rod, it does so at a molasses-like pace.

If users prefer to stay more nimble, while also being able to dish out some severe DPS, then the Spear is an excellent option. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

#5: Fire Staff

fire staff new world
Amazon Games
The Fire Staff can turn up the heat when dealing with large health pools.

For any final boss fight or anything needing heaps of damage output, the Fire Staff is as reliable as any. Providing ranged attacks, AoE damage, and decent mobility, the fiery staff is among the great PvE weapons in all of Aeternum.

Especially for Expeditions, players should make sure they have a Fire Staff user in the party if they hope to have any chance of bursting down the final boss.

#4: Great Axe

The Great Axe is the jack of all trades, master of none when it comes to PvE. The massive two-handed weapon can allow the user to Tank, provide serviceable DPS, and has Life Steal that can allow a player to stay in the frontlines of a fight for longer.

If you’re unsure of what kind of playstyle you’re interested in, then the Great Axe is a good way to try a little bit of everything and will be a great weapon to level up with.

#3: Hatchet

Some may be shocked that this isn’t #1 on this list, but this weapon is still undoubtedly S-Tier. The only thing holding this weapon back from being the best is a lack of utility in PvE situations.

Players will be able to go wild, stay alive, and deal lots of damage with the Hatchet, but that’s not all PvE requires of adventurers.

But, as has been stated, there’s really no better option in the game if you just want to run at things and swipe, the choice is yours.

#2: Sword and Shield

sword and shield and life staff new world
Amazon Games
The Sword and Shield is a powerful Tank weapon that goes nicely alongside the healing of the Life Staff.

The remaining two weapons on the list are what you’ll most times when people are searching in Recruitment for players. Sword and Shield is the only true Tank option in the game at the moment, with only the Great Axe being able to hold a candle to it.

Having a Tank in late-game Expeditions is absolutely crucial, and its necessity ranks it high on our list. Not to mention that Tanking in New World can be a lot of fun, oftentimes putting players in positions where they are the key to getting through tough group battles.

If staying alive and being a team player is your thing, then there’s no better choice than the Sword and Shield… Well, maybe one better choice.

#1: Life Staff

The Life Staff is another example of an absolute necessity in New World’s endgame. Healers are constantly sought after and are a part of any difficult quest’s completion.

But, outside of the sheer need for players yielding this weapon, it’s also very strong in its own right. Players can keep themselves alive through most anything, heal their allies with potent AoE healing, and even provide the occasional damage poke.

All in all, while it may not be for everyone nor the best for early-game leveling, the Life Staff is absolutely one of the best weapons in New World.

We will continue to update this tier list as patch changes and other major updates come to New World.

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