New World’s hilarious casino meta is taking over the endgame

Connor Knudsen
new world battle

One New World server has potentially changed for good, as players have rallied to create their own personal casino to spice up the endgame.

New World, Amazon Games’ MMO, has given players the opportunity to pick their own way to play in so many different ways.

Whether it’s the game’s classless, weapon-centric character builder, or the ability to reset attributes at a moment’s notice, the game has shown to value creativity and fluidity.

Some are taking that to the next level, banding together to create a wacky new way to gamble that has turned one server into a giant casino.

New World… Casino & Resort?

new world
New World’s beauty isn’t just in its landscape, but also in its quirky trends.

One New World player recently shared a story from their server on the game’s subreddit, detailing how it has become its own sort of casino.

This comes as a byproduct of players banding together and forming their own gambling system, with nearly the entire server buying into the idea.

Now with a detailed system in place, an excel sheet of cheaters, and set rules on how to gamble, the Aeternum we know may have just been changed forever.

There’s no set reason why the player claims to have started such a movement. But, based on other sentiments across the subreddit, it’s likely due to the game’s questionable economy and sometimes frustrating endgame.

A reoccurring sentiment throughout much of the game’s community is centered around the desire to spice things up, both in the endgame and throughout the leveling process.

One idea that caught on centered around the creation of Trade Runs, or missions that encouraged players to travel the world and earn gold while doing it.

This casino idea is a different manifestation of the same idea, but with the same core interest in mind – players want more creativity in how they interact with other players.

New World has struck a chord in how it’s allowed players to traverse its world, but it seems clear that players want more of that magic. Time will tell if they get it.

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