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How many people play Guild Wars 2? Player count & population tracker (2022)

Published: 2/Jun/2022 9:50 Updated: 2/Jun/2022 9:51

by Lauren Bergin


ArenaNet’s fan-favorite RPG, Guild Wars 2, was released back in 2012, but even a decade later, its player count is still going strong. We’ve taken a look at how many people are still playing Guild Wars 2 in 2022.

The MMORPG space is a competitive one. With Amazon’s New World entering the fray in September 2021, and Smilegate RPG’s MMOARPG, Lost Ark, having arrived in February 2022, you might be forgiven for thinking ArenaNet’s Guild Wars 2 had faded into obscurity.

That, however, is not the case. With the arrival of a chapter in Guild Wars 2’s ongoing saga, End of Dragons, a whole new section of the universe has been unveiled alongside a whole host of never-seen-before features.


But just how many people play Guild Wars 2 in 2022? Here’s what you might not know about this supposedly “dead game.”


guild wars 2 sylvari and humans stand together
Is Guild Wars 2 really a “dead game?”

How many people play Guild Wars 2: Monthly count

For May 2022, it is estimated that around 470,764 players logged into Guild Wars 2 to check out End of Dragons.

Noting that “the Players and Daily login numbers are estimations based on subscriber numbers and online sentiment,” it’s worth remembering that these are just estimates, as no official count has been released.

End of Dragons was released on February 28, and as a result, GW2’s active population has continued to grow exponentially. With May 7 seeing over a million players dive back into Tyria to check out the new Living World season, the future looks bright for ArenaNet’s classic MMO.


guild wars 2 end of dragons cover art
With the release of End of Dragons, Guild Wars 2’s player count remains healthy.

How many people play Guild Wars 2: Daily count

Numbers from the past 30 days (May 2, 2022, to June 2, 2022) indicate that most log-ins in one day were an impressive 1,090,655 on May 7. 

Guild Wars 2’s population compared to competitors

With all eyes on the decline of World of Warcraft and New World, just how well is Guild Wars 2 doing in comparison?

MMORPG Total Players (millions)
Guild Wars 2 16.52
Final Fantasy XIV Online 38.76
New World 14.40
World of Warcraft 119.34

While Guild Wars 2 lags behind its two biggest competitors, a player count of over 16 million players is nothing to sniff at. Again, these numbers are mostly estimates.

Is Guild Wars 2 a dead game?

From the stats above, it’s pretty clear that Guild Wars 2 is anything but dead. In fact, it remains one of the largest MMORPGs out there – and it’s continuing to expand.


With End of Dragons – the first expansion since 2017’s ‘Path of Fire’ – a whole slew of exciting content has been added to the game. From fishing to the multiplayer Seige Turtle mount, new traits to the brand new Strike Missions; ArenaNet continues to transform Guild Wars 2 into an MMO that can brawl with the best of them.

So that’s how many people play Guild Wars 2 in 2022, with up-to-date stats for the number of monthly and daily player counts.

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