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New World

New World Sword and Shield mastery tree: Best perks, tips, more

Published: 4/Aug/2021 22:17

by Nick Farrell


The classic Sword and Shield combination is devastating to go up against in PVP within New World, and you may want to spec into this build if you are looking to dominate the battlefield.

Amazon Game’s first entry into the MMO genre, New World, has been unfortunately delayed until September 2021, but there’s been an ample amount of love in regards to some of the weapon classes within the game.

The Sword and Shield duo is one of the first weapons you gain access to during the game, and it’s proven to be one of the best, whether it comes to PVP or PVE.


We’re going to run over the best perks you should spec into when building your Sword and Shield mastery tree, along with what each ability does.

New World beta
Amazon Studios
New World’s beta has proven incredibly popular.

New World: Sword and Shield mastery

The Sword and Shield dual-wield combo go hand-in-hand with one another, and they’re considered to be widely powerful for PVP action. Mainly due to the fact you’ll be able to block incoming attacks while dealing hard damage with your Sword.

Below are some of the key attributes you’re going to want to opt into when building your Sword and Shield tree, as they’ll greatly increase your chances of bettering your opponent. Whether this is in PVP or PVE, as you’ll be overly strong compared to other classes.


  • Shield Rush
    • This ability is great for stunning enemies and knocking them back while your Mages or other players clear them out. It’ll trigger your character to “Rush forward 5 meters knocking back foes and dealing 125% weapon damage.’
  • Reverse Stab
    • Turning your character around to slice them with your sword, this ability will do “175% weapon damage.” While the cooldown is 20 seconds, you’ll be able to decimate your opponent’s health with this move.
  • Leaping Strike
    • Last but not least, the Leaping Strike ability plays out as the name suggests. Players will “Leap 4 meters and deal 135% weapon damage.” This can be great for a sneak attack out of the bushes, or when you’re charging onto the battlefield and want to get a quick hit off right away.

Some of the other abilities we recommend using are:

  • Shield Bash – “Deals 50% weapon damage and stuns foes in front of you for 2s.”
  • Final Count Down – “If your health is above 50%: damage reduction increased by 20%.”
  • Defiant Stance – “For 8s, reduce the incoming base damage from attackers by 30%.”
sword and shield images
New World Fans
The full outline of the Sword and Shield mastery tree.

There’s an ample amount of routes one can take with the Sword and Shield build within New World, but there isn’t a lot of wrongdoing you can do with this weapon!