The Best Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter builds for Season 10

Demon Hunter Diablo ImmortalBlizzard Entertainment

The Demon Hunter is the ultimate dexterity user in the Diablo series. Here are the best Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter builds for Season 10.

Making their debut in Diablo 3, the Demon Hunter was a brand new class in Diablo 3, however, they utilized skills and abilities similar to Diablo 1’s Rogue, as well as the Assassin and Amazon classes from Diablo 2. They are the ultimate rogue class, combing speed with dangerous traps as they dual-wield their crossbows to bring rapid death to their enemies. The character class is not yet set to return in the upcoming Diablo 4 – but there’s always time.

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The Demon Hunter is a dark figure who walks a fine line between hero and villain in pursuit of one goal – hunting and killing as many of Diablo’s minions as they can, by whatever means necessary. The character class returns in Diablo Immortal, a game available on mobile platforms and PC. Below we’ll reveal the best Demon Hunter builds in Diablo Immortal this Season, and how to assemble them.


Demon Hunter gameplayBlizzard Entertainment
The Demon Hunter is one of the quickest character classes – and is one of the most dangerous from a distance.

Is the Demon Hunter right for me?

The Demon Hunter is for those who enjoy playing as roguish characters in fantasy RPGs. Those who prefer using skill and dexterity to slay their foes rather than brute strength or magic. The class relies on speed, tactical play, and ranged combat to win so is well-suited to those who enjoy that style of combat.

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Those who played as the Rogue in the first Diablo will likely gravitate towards the Demon Hunter, but they also retain elements of Diablo 2’s Amazon and Assassin class. This is especially the case when it comes to the traps they can set and the emphasis on ranged attacks. Of course, it’s possible to build a melee Demon Hunter, but they’re at their best in Diablo Immortal when they’re rocking their dual crossbows.

The Demon Hunter isn’t like the Monk or Crusader in that they’re upstanding citizens, obsessed with following a righteous path. No, the Demon Hunter isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty and engage in a bit of anti-heroism if it helps get the job done. After all, the fate of the world is at stake. If you feel the same way, then perhaps you and the Demon Hunter will be a match made in Hell.

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Is the Demon Hunter good this Season?

The Demon Hunter is a mixed bag in Season 10 of Diablo Immortal. They score an S rank in PVE but only score a B rank PVP.

This means that – at least for now – the Demon Hunter is excellent at killing demons but less proficient at slaying other heroes.

Best Demon Diablo Immortal build (Season 10)

First up is the best PVE Demon Hunter build you can use in Diablo Immortal Season 10, the Crossbow Shot Demon Hunter build which makes use of the skill of the same name and a variety of others. Here’s how to put it together:


When leveling your Demon Hunter for the Crossbow Shot build, remember that attributes are different in Diablo Immortal to Diablo 3. Dexterity doesn’t exist in this game, so we’ll be walking a different path.

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Therefore, for best results focus your points primarily on Strength and Fortitude to make sure your Demon Hunter can dish out lots of damage as well as take it. Vitality is also essential to make sure you stay alive, so make sure this is sufficiently leveled too.

Willpower can also be leveled to increase your Potency and Resistances, but focus your efforts on the above attributes. You can also largely ignore Intelligence.


For the Crossbow Shot build, your Demon Hunter is going to want to rely on, you guessed it, the Crossbow Shot skill. Luckily, this unlocks at level one, so you can use it as your primary skill from the very beginning of the game.

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You can also use your secondary skill; Multishot from level one too, so get a feel for using them both together for either killing groups or solo targets.

Rain if Vengence unlocks at level three and this can be used to flesh out your skills somewhat. Be sure to unlock Daring Swing at level 15 to mix it up even more.

Now we’d recommend experimenting with whatever skills work best for you until you hit level 41.

This will be when you unlock Impale and can really start doing some major damage. Finally, unlock Vengence at level 50 to complete your moveset. These two moves should make taking down higher-level targets much easier, while you can use your lower-level skills to kill most average demons.

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The gear you use can have a very positive impact on your Crusader’s skills, so you should seek out and equip the following gear.

  • Head: Cowl of Focused Hatred
  • Chest: Heart of Vengeance
  • Shoulders: Hailstone Shoulders
  • Legs: Coff’s Unrelenting Fury
  • Main Weapon: Flamespite
  • Off Hand Weapon: The Hungerer

When it comes to rings, amulets, and other gear, seek out the War Rags of Shal’baas. This will buff your Crossbow Shot and other skills, making you do even more damage.

Demon Hunter maleBlizzard Entertainment
The Demon Hunter’s signature look is two crossbows.

Diablo Immortal PVP Demon Hunter build

If you’re choosing a Demon Hunter to engage in PVP then you’re going to want to choose the Multishot build instead. This will make you a more effective player hunter, but remember, the Demon Hunter is one of the worst PVP classes in Season 10.

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For this build, use the same skills, but prioritize Multishot over Crossbow Shot and keep moving. While you’re not a glass cannon, you’ll likely be in trouble should a Crusader, Monk, or Barbarian get too close, but you have the advantage from a distance.

Your Multishot will also make short work of a Necromancer’s minions, letting you move in for the kill. Wizards can be a threat too at range, so consider some buffs against elemental damage.

When it comes to gear, aim to equip the following:

  • Head: Boundless Ingenuity
  • Chest: Heart of Vengeance
  • Shoulders: Hailstone Shoulders
  • Legs: Coff’s Unrelenting Fury
  • Main Weapon: Breath of Winter
  • Off Hand Weapon: The Hungerer
  • Set: War Rags of Shal’baas

For more information about this build check out this resource.

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So, there you have it, the best Demon Hunter builds in Diablo Immortal for Season 10. For more Diablo Immortal content, check out some of our guides below:

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