Asmongold reaches New World’s most bizarre level cap in 4 hours

. 8 months ago
Asmongold with a New World backdrop
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New World offers a variety of in-game progression systems, but famed Twitch streamer Asmongold has hit the game’s level cap in furnishing – in just 4 hours.

New World remains one of Steam’s most popular titles over a month from launch, and despite server population issues resulting in a demonic takeover of the map, plenty of streamers are still exploring Aeternum.

One such personality is Asmongold, who set himself the challenge to achieve maximum level (200) in the game’s “hardest profession” – furnishing. Not only that, but he achieved it in just four hours while streaming on his alternate Twitch account, zackrawrr.

new world character mining
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In order to craft some pretty cool furniture, you’ll need to do a lot of mining!

Asmongold hits New World’s “hardest profession” max level in 4 hours

For context, the XP required to hit level 200 is 7.92 million (at least according to the game’s Wiki page). The fact that Asmongold was able to achieve that in around four hours is particularly impressive, and earns him the “Master Woodworker” achievement.

In New World, players level up their skills by using them – so chopping trees will allow players to take down bigger trees while crafting items will improve their crafting skill. For furnishing, Asmongold would have had to continually gather or trade for resources, craft, and then return to get more resources.

What is furnishing? It’s a crafting skill in New World where players craft furniture, storage, and house trophies that can be placed in housing.

That’s a long process, but somehow Asmongold managed to conquer it incredibly quickly. With a well-leveled character, he was able to mine, hunt, and harvest more quickly than a new player, allowing a faster material grind. He also had other players help with iron, wood, and fibers.

While that does give Asmongold somewhat of an advantage compared to other players, it’s still interesting to see that the game’s longest grind can be completed in a matter of hours.

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