NBA 2K24: How to get a BMX bike in The City

Jalen Brunson in NBA 2K242K

A BMX bike is needed in order to complete certain optional tasks in NBA 2K24. Here’s how to get one in The City.

NBA 2K24’s online open-world environment, called The City, includes a number of destinations where players can square off against others in online play.

To get around, individuals can make use of Fast Travel, or use a skateboard or bike. One such option is a BMX bike, which can also be used to access certain Race of the Weeks quests.

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Here’s a breakdown of how to get a BMX bike and how much VC it will cost.

BMX bike shop in NBA 2K242K

BMX location and cost in NBA 2K24

To buy a BMX bike in NBA 2K24, go to the Wheels shop in The City. The Wheels shop is located in the southern part of the City, near where the New Era, DICK’s Sporting Goods, State Farm, and other stores are located.

Here’s a look at where it’s situated on the map.

Wheels shop in NBA 2K242K
The Wheels shop in The City is indicated with the blue square.

From there, talk to the store own to buy one of the BMX bikes. There are a number of different colors that one can choose from, but keep in mind that the price to buy is 75,000 VC.

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Players can hit LB/L1 in The City to access one of the bikes in the game. Also, be mindful that a BMX bike will be required to complete certain Race of the Week quests in NBA 2K24.

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