NBA 2K24: How to unlock 99 OVR NBA Playoffs Khris Middleton

Chris Studley
NBA 2K24 R1 Playoffs 1

Here’s how NBA 2K24 players can find the new NBA Playoffs Round 1 Spotlight Challenges and how to unlock the new 99 OVR Dark Matter Khris Middleton, among others.

On May 7, NBA 2K24 celebrated the end of the NBA Playoffs’ first round with a ratings update and free MyTeam content.

Among the new MyTeam content includes several Playoff-themed Dark Matters, including a 99 OVR Playoffs Khris Middleton.

Middleton, along with Dark Matter cards for Tyrese Haliburton and Tyrese Maxey, can also be unlocked via Spotlight Challenges.

How to get Khris Middleton and Round 1 NBA Playoffs cards

To get 99 OVR Khris Middleton in NBA 2K24, one must complete a series of Spotlight Challenges. Go to the ‘Single Player’ section of the Main Menu, followed by ‘Challenges.’ Then, select ‘Spotlight Challenges,’ and select ‘Round Recap – 1st Round.’

One must complete all the Spotlight Challenges in order to get Middleton. This is not a Collection per se, but one will need to complete the win conditions that unlocks cards through the Spotlight Challenges, in order to get Middleton’s challenge, which is the last in the series of 10.

Middleton’s Spotlight Challenge, which is on Pro difficulty and four minute quarters, requires players to get four three-pointers, 12 rebounds, as well as accrue 29 points with any player or players to unlock the card to match his Game 5 stat line. Complete it to unlock his 99 OVR Dark Matter.

The other nine vary in terms of minutes played and statistical requirements. For example, the first three simply require stats accrued, like five-three pointers in a game or four total steals, to move and don’t require a win.

The last seven, including the Middleton one, do require the player to win the game and play it in full.

Along the way, players can unlock Dark Matters for Tyrese Haliburton and Tyrese Maxey.

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