How to get VC fast in NBA 2K24: MyCareer, Endorsements, more

Chris Studley
MyPlayer on Utah Jazz in NBA 2K24

For those who feel overwhelmed by the VC prices in NBA 2K24, here’s a guide on how to make VC in a simple, stress-free manner, without having to spend out of pocket.

In order to buy products in MyTeam — whether it be packs or cards off the market — or want to upgrade a player’s attributes in MyCareer, VC (virtual currency) is essential.

Those who are willing to pay for it out of pocket do have a number of options, whether it be buying NBA 2K24’s new season-based battle pass or buying it straight from the 2K marketplace. But for those who need help making VC fast and don’t want to spend additional cash, or at least as little as possible, here’s an overview of several VC-making methods that 2K24 players should know.


MyCareer teammate grade in NBA 2K24

Grind in MyCareer

The simplest method for acquiring VC in NBA 2K24 is by playing MyCareer games.

The amount one makes in each MyCareer game will depend on a number of factors, including the MyCareer player’s salary, Teammate Grade, and in-game stats. But if one plays very well in a particular game, expect to receive about 1,000 VC per game.

Quest log in NBA 2K24


Side quests are back for NBA 2K24‘s MyCareer.

These quests are not tied to the main storyline, but the completion of them will not only yield in-game boosts like Badge Perks, but also virtual currency.

Individuals will unlock new quests while moving along the plot in MyCareer. These quests can include the Race of the Week, as well as performance-based objectives.

Also, make sure to talk to NPCs across the The City and the game arena, like Hendrixx Cobb and fellow NBA players. A diamond icon will appear above those characters that MyCareer players need to interact with.

Endorsement log in NBA 2K24


Endorsements have also returned for NBA 2K24. Players who unlock endorsements are able to obtain special VC bonuses.

At the start of MyCareer, the player will be prompted to choose a shoe deal that will act as the first endorsement. However, each has a specific in-game objective that must be completed in order to obtain the VC bonus.

From there, MyCareer users will be able to unlock endorsements with brands like Kia, Gatorade, Ruffles, and even 2K itself. However, one must obtain NBA, local, pop culture, and business fans. Fans can be obtained by playing well in games, answering questions in press conferences, and completing quests.

Chris Manning and Alexis Morgan from NBA 2K24 2KTV


MyCareer and MyTeam players should regularly watch 2KTV in NBA 2K24 to make VC quickly. During 2KTV, questions will regularly pop up on the bottom part of the screen. New episodes air every week and typically debut each Friday at 7 PM ET.

Answer these questions correctly, and one should expect a free VC reward that’s usually around 200 per question. However, some questions may also yield clothing items for MyCareer avatars.

Simcast Live in NBA 2K24


Yes, VC can be obtained in MyNBA, as well. Individuals who play the sports management mode will be able to obtain some virtual currency, but 2K players should be aware of a little trick.

Those who choose to simulate a game with Simcast Live can obtain VC just by watching the computer play for a few minutes. The reward will only be around 125-300 VC, depending on sim length, but doing this for an hour every so often can yield some nice money.

Just make sure to toggle the Simcast simulation speed to 6x, the quickest possible time, in order to move as fast as possible. And, press B/Circle to muscle through timeouts.

Season Reward Paths

As we mentioned throughout NBA 2K24, the development team has introduced VC bonuses through the Pro Pass portion of the season reward paths. These bonuses are spread out across the 40 levels.

Be mindful, however, that one must pay for access to the Pro Pass. So, those who see these VC bonuses on the path should know that ahead of time,

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