NBA 2K24: How to get 99 OVR Dark Matter Gilbert Arenas

Chris Studley
NBA 2K24 Gilbert Arenas 99 OVR

Here’s a look at how to unlock the new 99 OVR Dark Matter Gilbert Arenas in NBA 2K24 MyTeam.

On April 12, the NBA 2K24 team added a new set of Agendas during Season 6 of MyTeam. And, there’s a big reward that end of the path.

A 99 OVR Dark Matter card of “Agent 0” Gilbert Arenas is the prize, and it’s a card that can be unlock simply by grinding in single-player action. So, how can you unlock 99 OVR Arenas.

Here’s what NBA 2K24 MyTeam players must do to get Arenas.

NBA 2K24 Gilbert Arenas

How to unlock Dark Matter Gilbert Arenas

To unlock 99 OVR Gilbert Arenas in NBA 2K24 MyTeam, players must complete a series of Agendas through Triple Threat Offline, which is single-player. Here’s a look at the Agendas, plus the rewards:

  • Win 10 Triple Threat Offline games (reward is Diamond Shoe and Boosts Pack)
  • Win 25 Triple Threat Offline games (reward is Shattered Prize Piece)
  • Win 50 Triple Threat Offline games (reward is 94 OVR Diamond Wang Zhi Zhi)
  • Win 100 Triple Threat Offline games (reward is 60 Minute Double XP)

Again, we need to emphasize that no online action is required to unlock Arenas.

There’s not much to these Agendas, aside from sending your best team of three into the world of single-player and grinding for wins.

It shouldn’t be too complicated to get these done, and there will be plenty of time to get to 100 Wins. These Agendas will be live until May 24.

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