How to import a face scan to NBA 2K24

Kobe Bryant on NBA 2K24 cover2K

Here’s an overview on how NBA 2K24 players can get a face scan that can be used for MyCareer and The City.

Just before the release of NBA 2K24, the folks over at 2K and Visual Concepts rolled out a new companion app that’s designed for the new game.

The companion app allows players to perform a number of tasks outside of the console game. One of those is a feature that allows 2K owners to import a face scan.

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Here’s how 2K24 players can import a face scan through the companion app.

The City in NBA 2K242K

How to get a face scan in NBA 2K24

First, make sure to download the MyNBA 2K Companion App that’s available for both the Apple App and Google Play stores.

This app is different than the MyNBA 2K23 app that was used for last year’s game, and it officially went live in August 2023.

For those who happened to have downloaded this app prior to the launch of 2K24, make sure to click on the ‘NBA 2K23’ icon at the top of the screen and select the new edition to continue to process.

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Face scan prompt for NBA 2K24 companion app2K

After it’s downloaded, make sure to sign in with either a Steam, Nintendo, PlayStation, or Xbox account. This will depend on what platform you will be playing on.

From there, select ‘Face Scan’ to begin the process of getting a scan for NBA 2K24. Make sure to give the app access to the device’s camera, and then follow the prompts.

The app will prompt NBA 2K24 players to move close to the phone and then slowly rotate their head to the left and right until the face scan is complete.

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In addition to face scans, we should note that the MyNBA 2K Companion App can be used to redeem codes, read up on news about the game, look at the schedule of events in The City, and watch 2KTV.

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