Minecraft Legends: Release date, trailers, story, more

Jessica Filby
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A brand new action strategy game set in the familiar world of Minecraft is on its way. Here’s everything we know about Minecraft Legends.

With Minecraft Legends soon to make an appearance in the 2023 Xbox developer direct event, many are wondering if we’ll get new information regarding a potential release date, or more gameplay footage. For now, we wait with bated breath and summarise everything we know about the game. Although this page will be updated as soon as more information is announced, so be sure to check back soon for more details.

After the success of Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons, Mojang has introduced a more strategic experience. Minecraft Legends boasts a thrilling action strategy in which you get to ride a noble steed while protecting the once-peaceful world from the invasion of pesky Piglins.

Here’s everything we know about the upcoming game along with what platforms it’ll be available on and a few thrilling trailers.


Minecraft Legends release date

Minecraft Legends is officially set to release on April 18, 2023.

At Minecraft Live 2022, Minecraft Legends was said to have a release window of Spring 2023. Since, then, we haven’t been given too many new updates about the game’s release date. But at an early Xbox event in 2023, we found out for certain the game is locked in for April.

What platforms can you play Minecraft Legends on?

Thanks to the trailers, we know Minecraft Legends will be available on Xbox, PC, Switch, and PlayStation. It will also be available on Xbox Game Pass.

What is Minecraft Legends about?

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From the interviews in Gamescom 2022, the trailers, and the general description of Minecraft Legends, it can be assumed that the game will be an action strategy experience.

The once-peaceful world of Minecraft has been taken over by Piglins and it’s up to you to stop them from destroying the world you live in. It includes working with many other companions as well as equipping perks and defeating a range of enemies from tricky Pigmadillos to deadly Bruisers.

Atop your horse, you will use the mechanics to take down the enemy and stay alive all while working with recognizable mobs many have seen in the original Minecraft.

Minecraft Legends announcement and gameplay trailers

The first look we received regarding gameplay and general design came as an announcement trailer. It depicts a brief look into the new villains and the battle you’ll need to take part in. This announcement trailer able to be viewed here:

The next look into the gameplay came in the form of another official trailer. It introduced the new action strategy gameplay and highlighted the despicable enemies you’ll be fighting.

Soon after this footage, fans got a deeper look into the game, with the Creative Director and the Narrative Director of Minecraft Legends taking you through the demo at Minecraft Live 2022. You can watch it below.

Released on March 30, 2023, a new short story trailer was released, revealing the adorable yet deadly Piglins and some of the allies you can recruit on your way to defeating these enemies. You can watch it below:

From gameplay, and storyline to fun new modes and visuals, devs Mojang Studios and Blackbird Interactive have seemingly created a whole new and lively world for Minecraft users to dive into.

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