Is Minecraft Legends open-world?

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Minecraft Legends is a thrilling strategy game featuring all the beloved elements of Minecraft, just with a lot more fighting and tactics – but is Minecraft Legends be an open-world game? Let’s find out.

Minecraft Legends is taking the franchise to new heights and styles with its strategic design. However, it still retains the same blocky feel, keeping the characters, mobs, and accessible nature – but, with all those similarities, will Minecraft Legends be open-world or will it have levels like Minecraft Dungeons?

Thanks to some handy trailers, and an explanation from Mojang themselves, we do have an answer. So, let’s find out if Minecraft Legends is an open-world game or if it follows in the footsteps of the more linear Minecraft Dungeons.

Is Minecraft Legends an open-world game?

Minecraft Legends on game pass
Explore the vast overworld with no limitations in Minecraft Legends.

Yes, Minecraft Legends is an open-world game in both its traditional strategy experience and PvP sections.

This is thanks to Mojang’s official statement in which they described the game as “a vivid open world filled with treasures and perils” meaning players will be able to explore the overworld freely, collecting resources and allies or just galloping on their horse or other mounts.

So, that’s everything you need to know about whether Minecraft Legends is an open-world game. While loading up the game, be sure to take a look at our handy guides so you can destroy the Piglins for good:

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