Minecraft & BBC Frozen Planet II: Release date, platforms, gameplay & more

Minecraft Frozen Planet IIMojang / BBC

BBC’s Frozen Planet II and Minecraft are teaming up to create five unique worlds where you get to explore beautiful landscapes and even play as animals. Here’s everything we know about Minecraft Frozen Planet II.

Minecraft is used for a multitude of reasons. It lets players create, explore, and now it helps you learn. David Attenborough’s Frozen Planet II has collaborated with Minecraft to help players learn more about climate change and the planet, as well as introducing some exciting new additions.

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The collaboration is filled with new gameplay and lets you play as some adorable animals. Here’s everything we know about the Minecraft and Frozen Planet II collaboration.


Does Minecraft Frozen Planet II have a release date?

Minecraft’s collaboration with Frozen Planet II was released on September 21, 2022. However, only one world was made available.

The next four worlds will be released to Minecraft weekly, bringing the total amount of maps available to five.

What worlds are included?

With five unique worlds to explore, we have a general idea surrounding what they look like and what to expect.

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The first one, which is available now features Polar Bears and seems to be in the Arctic. As for the other upcoming worlds, we don’t have much information on them but will update this whenever there are new details.

Minecraft Frozen Planet II gameplay

Minecraft Frozen Planet II penguinsMojang / BBC
Play as Polar Bears and explore the chilly depths of the Arctic.

The gameplay itself is very different from traditional Minecraft. It features biomes that don’t exist in the standard game and even allows you to play as adorable animals.

The world is more of a lesson with minigames than an open-world experience that allows you to explore new and beautiful biomes.

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Despite this, the gameplay is stunning, unique, and brings a whole new atmosphere to the Minecraft many know and love.

What platforms can you play Minecraft Frozen Planet II on?

Minecraft Frozen Planet II can be enjoyed on two versions of the game. The first is Minecraft Education Edition since the collaboration is primarily there to teach young people about climate change and the world around them.

The second is on Minecraft Bedrock Edition which makes the collaboration more accessible to any fan of the game. You can download the first world on the Bedrock Marketplace to explore the chilly Arctic.

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That’s all we know about Minecraft’s collaboration with Frozen Planet II. When more information is released we will update this article, so check back soon.

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