Minecraft Twitch streamer breaks record by walking to the end of the game

Jessica Filby
Walking in minecraft

Twitch streamer Mystical Midget has reached the end of the world in Minecraft after spending 526 days walking to reach it.

A handful of dedicated Minecraft players have reached the far lands after hours of walking. However, no one else has taken it one step further by continuing their journey to the end of the world. Minecraft streamer, Mystical Midget, continued past the far lands and all the way to the end of his Minecraft seed, which means he walked around 32 million blocks to reach his goal.

Essentially, he kept walking until the game refused to render any more blocks in front of him. Unsurprisingly, due to the sheer size of the worlds in Minecraft, this took him an impressive 526 days of just walking.

He started his mission on January 31st, 2021 and it took him around 2,500 hours of dedication to reach the true end of Minecraft. Such an end can only be reached in a version of Minecraft earlier than the 1.8 update which removed the Far Lands and the end of the world, putting in a boundary wall instead.

Shortly after reaching the goal, the game was clearly struggling to cope with what Mystical Midget wanted to do. After the occasional stutter, the game quickly dropped him through the ground and into the void.

He attempted to stay alive for as long as possible, looking particularly emotional as he scrambled to eat bread and comprehend what he had done. He ended up dying and instantly left the camera while his friends cheered in excitement at the achieved goal.

With 526 days of commitment, it’s understandable to see Mystical Midget emotional, especially since this marks the only time someone has ever traversed across 32 million blocks to reach the end of the game.

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