Best Minecraft roleplay servers: How to join the best/most popular

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Becoming immersed in a Minecraft roleplay server can be a great time if you are on the right server. Thankfully, there are some amazing places where you can put on a persona and have a blast! 

Minecraft is one of the lucky games that has an ample amount of player-created servers for you to check out. With many modes such as Skyblock and Parkour, it is no wonder the game is still as popular as ever.

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Roleplay or RP has risen to become one of the more prominent roles within the gaming space as of late. This is largely due to GTA RP, but this game mode has always been relevant in Minecraft. If you are looking to get in on the action, here’s how to join some of the best Minecraft RP servers.

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Minecraft has an ample amount of servers to join


What is a Minecraft roleplay server?

Roleplaying servers are essentially when you create a character in a server and pick a personality/persona that you want to play. It is basically acting but within Minecraft, and this has allowed players to create some pretty interesting characters.

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You are able to interact and communicate with other players on the servers and get to know the characters they are playing as within the server. Some of these roleplay servers are customized heavily, as there may be certain themes for each Minecraft map.

One may have a medieval theme, while another one may offer a more modern theme; it is all about picking the right one for the playstyle you desire.

How can I create my own Minecraft RP server?

You can create your own custom RP server in Minecraft much in the same way that you create your own server. Simply follow these steps:

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  • Choose a location on your PC/other device for your Minecraft server files.
  • Download the server software from the Minecraft website.
  • Enable port forwarding on your router if you want to make your server available to other players not on your local network.
  • Open the Windows command prompt, navigate to the file path where the Minecraft server file (named something like “minecraft_server.1.12.2.jar”) was installed.
  • Start the server with the following command: java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar {server file name} nogui
    • {server file name} will be your actual file name
  • Connect to your server via the process for joining a Minecraft RP server.

How do I join a Minecraft RP server?

Below is a quick guide into how to properly join a Minecraft server.

  • Load up Minecraft and select Multiplayer
  • At the bottom right of your screen, push a button titled ‘Add Server’
  • Enter in the Server IP
  • Once you have entered in the Server IP, you should be able to select the Server you want
  • Press Join Server
minecraft imageMojang
What kind of character would you create in Minecraft?

Now, it is time we get into some of the best RP servers for Minecraft, as these are amazing in their own rights and you are sure to find one to check out.

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What are the best Minecraft roleplay servers?

All of the servers we are going to talk about differ in some regards, as noted above, they have altering scenarios catered to different themes for RP. Let’s check some of them now!

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Pixelmon Realms

pixelmon realmsPixelmon Realms
Yes you can play Pokemon in Minecraft
  • Server IP:

We are going to kick off our list with one of the coolest interpretations of Pokemon we have seen in Minecraft. Pixelmon Realms is literally a reincarnation of Pokemon but in block form, and you take on the role of a Trainer in this amazing server.

MC Prison

mc prisonMC Prison
You will be stuck behind bars in this server
  • Server IP:

One of the most populated Minecraft roleplay servers on this list, MC Prison sets you as either a prisoner or a guard. Taking the role of either will come with its own set of challenges and tasks to complete.

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The Mining Dead

mining deadHavocMC
Defend the horde in this server
  • Server IP:

A spin-off from the hit TV show, The Walking Dead, this server pits you against an endless amount of zombies in the fight to maintain civilization.


massivecraft serverMassiveCraft
MassiveCraft uses a class system similar to WoW
  • Server IP:

If you are looking for a fantasy server similar to World of Warcraft, then MassiveCraft is the place for you.

Featuring a beautiful map called Regalia, players will have an abundance of races to choose from including vampires.


Mineclub is one of the fastest rising servers
  • Server IP:

Last but not least is Mineclub, a server that offers a fresh trading system with an ample amount of cosmetics to choose from.

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There is something for everyone on our list, and it should not take you long to find a Minecraft RP server that is right for you!

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