Where to find the Pigstep Music Disc in Minecraft


Music discs are a commonly overlooked aspect of Minecraft, but there are certain tracks that really set the mood for the game. Pigstep is a Music Disc that can be tricky to find, but is amazing once you do manage to snag it! 

Minecraft is a vast, open-world survival game that is littered with materials and resources for players to find and collect. Crafting is also a vital component of the title, but there are some items that cannot be crafted.

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Instead, they are found within the world by either mining, trading with Villagers, or may simply be caught in random chests. The Pigstep Music Disc falls into the latter category, and we are going to walk over where to find this it.

Minecraft neatherMojang
The nether is home to vast resources

What are Music Discs used for in Minecraft?

As the name suggests, Music Discs are tracks that players are able to find and use within the game, and they play various tunes. While there are not many Music Discs in the game currently, they all offer a slightly different songs compared to other ones.

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How many Music Discs are in Minecraft?

In total there are 13 Music Discs for players to find and use within Minecraft. For a better look at all of the names of these Music Discs, check them all out down below!

  • 13
  • cat
  • blocks
  • chirp
  • far
  • mall
  • mellohi
  • stal
  • ward
  • 11
  • wait
  • Pigstep

For the most part, most of the Music Discs found in Minecraft are only 30 seconds to a minute long. However, Pigstep is the only one that breaks the 2-minute threshold, making it worthwhile if you are on then hunt for it.

How do I play Music Discs?

If you have successfully found some Music Discs already, you may be wondering how you are able to listen to these tracks. The only method that is currently in Minecraft that allows players to listen to Music Discs is by placing them within Jukeboxes.

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Jukebox recipeMojang
The recipe for a Jukebox is not overly complicated

As pictured above, if you are wanting to craft a Jukebox, you are going to need eight pieces of wood placed around the perimeter of the crafting grid. Followed up by one Diamond placed in the middle of the grid!

How to find the Pigstep Music Disc

Finding the Pigstep Music Disc is a daunting task if you do not know what you are looking for, as players will need to nab a ‘Bastion Remnant’ which is located within the Nether. While the name may seem a bit tricky, Bastion Remnant’s are essentially large-scaled castles that spawn throughout the Nether.

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It may take some time to find one of these Remnants while exploring the Nether, but you will eventually run across one of them as they are hard to miss. They can be pinpointed through their previously mentioned large scale, along with the influx of Piglin’s found near one.

Once you have found a Bastion Remnant, the next step is to simply explore the castle until you are able to find chests. They will be spawned randomly throughout the Remnant, and chances are high you are going to encounter multiple chests.

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Bastion RemnantMojang
Bastion Remnant’s received a much-needed update recently

The Pigstep Music Disc can be found inside one of these chests, but you may need a bit of luck on your side. As of now, there is only a 3% chance of finding this music step within one of these chests – meaning you may need to revisit the Nether a few times to find one!

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