Roblox Build a Boat for Treasure codes (August 2023) – How to get free Gold, blocks & more

cover art for Build a Boat for Treasure in RobloxChillz Studios/Roblox

Build a Boat for Treasure is a fantastic experience for sailing aspirants as they can construct their perfect boat to take them across the daring seas, however, to do so, some Roblox codes can grant you free Gold and Blocks that can help ease the grind. Here’s a list of all the codes you can use as of August 2023.

Featuring a unique experience in Roblox where you are required to construct your own floating vessel, Build a Boat for Treasure is a quest to overcome obstacles on the sea to earn more resources. The resources you earn will then be used toward making your next ship.

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As you work towards building more and more of them, Build a Boat for Treasure codes are extremely helpful, allowing you to redeem in-game resources that will help you build your next vessel in the game.

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Updated August 28, 2023, to check for new codes. No new codes were found.


art for treasure in Build a Boat for Treasure on RobloxChillz Studios/Roblox
Unlock new treasures by making your way past various obstacles in Build a Boat for Treasure.

Are there any Build a Boat for Treasure codes in Roblox (August 2023)

As of August 28, 2023, there are no active codes in Build a Boat for Treasure on Roblox for you to redeem.

It has been months since new codes were released or Chillz Studios updated the game. The game was last updated in Roblox on June 16, 2023, and it seems unlikely for new codes to be released anytime soon.

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Despite having over 2 million likes on Roblox, there have been no new code releases for Build a Boat for Treasure for a very long time. Considering the prolonged silence from the developer, it could be a while before we get to see new codes for the game.

Code Rewards

How to redeem Build a Boat for Treasure codes in Roblox

Redeeming active codes in Build a Boat for Treasure is a relatively simple process that can be accomplished through a series of very easy steps. These steps are:

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  • Head over to the official Build a Boat for Treasure page and click the green button to launch the game.
  • Click on the big treasure chest button on the right side of the screen.
  • Following that, click on the Cog icon to open a menu.
  • Scroll down on this menu until you find the Redeem Code option.
  • Copy any active codes from the list above and paste them into the Code region.
  • Click on Redeem to claim your free rewards.
in-game screenshot of page where you can redeem codes in Build a Boat for TreasureChillz Studios/Roblox
Head to this menu to redeem your Roblox codes.

Full list of expired codes

Code Rewards
5 Gold
5 Gold
hi 5 Gold
Squid Army 22 Ice and 22 Gold
chillthrill709 was here (Reported to be working at times) Free Blocks
Free gifts Random free gifts
1B Free Blocks
voted code Free Blocks
Lurking Code 10 Balloons, 5 Super Fireworks, and 1 Portal Block
1M Likes Free Blocks
Big F00t Print 10 Balloons, 5 Cakes, and 25 Neon Blocks
The Sasquatch? 10 Balloons, 5 Circle Fireworks, and 1 Portal Block
2M members Free Blocks
Hatched code Cookie Wheels
Happy Easter Balloons, Candy, and Cake
BBBOOOAAATTTSSS!!! 1 Boat motor, 1 Car seat, 4 Wood Blocks, and 1 Cake
The Yeti 25 Green Presents and 25 Neon Blocks
Cold Feet 25 Green Presents and 25 Neon Blocks
500M Visits 4 Portals, 5 Cakes, 25 Balloons, and 20 Star Blocks
Veterans Day 10 Banners, 10 Star Blocks, 10 Balloons, 5 Circle Fireworks, 5 Cluster Fireworks, and 5 Super Fireworks

What are Build a Boat for Treasure codes used for in Roblox?

Most of the codes available for Build a Boat for Treasure, at the time of writing, are rewards that have a direct impact on your in-game progression. Be it Gold or Blocks, both of them are significant resources when it comes to crafting your boat.

Although active codes are the quickest method to claim Blocks and Gold, there are several other methods that you can use to maximize how many you’re getting. Other ways to claim Gems and Gold are in-game Achievementsquestsdaily rewards, and even various in-game tasks.

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Some of the now-expired codes have also been known for providing cosmetic rewards (that have no impact on your in-game performance). However, you can gain in-game perks by becoming a premium member of the official group on Roblox. These perks range from bonus health and extra gold to additional in-game resources like Barrels of TNT.

Apart from these, you can also follow the official Twitter account of the game for regular updates about the game that could indicate further code releases.

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So, there you have it – everything you need to know about Build a Boat for Treasure codes in Roblox for August 2023.

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