How to get Mythic Essence in League of Legends

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Mythic Essence is League of Legends‘ all-new currency that’s crucial to unlocking Prestige skins, Hextech skins, and the new Mythic skins in the rotating store, so here’s how to get it in LoL. 

Coming into Season 12, Riot Games have done away with League of Legends’ polarizing Prestige Points and Gemstones, replacing them with the all-new Mythic Essence and adding the rotating Mythic Store.

Allowing players a second shot at scoring some of the game‘s most popular skins without the divisive grinding process and monetary cost, Prestige Skins rotate monthly and the coveted Mythic skins every three months.

Looking to add some of these stunning cosmetics to your library? Here’s how to get Mythic Essence in League of Legends and, in turn, purchase your prizes with it.


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Some of League’s best skins will be returning each month, but you’ll need Mythic Essence to claim them.

What is Mythic Essence in League of Legends?

Mythic Essence is a new form of premium currency in League of Legends. Replacing the age-old Gemstones and Prestige Points, you can use Mythic Essence to buy the new Mythic Skins, Hextech Skins from days gone by, or unvaulted Prestige Skins.

The skins that are available can be found by clicking the Mythic Essence icon in your ‘Loot.’ This then brings up the Mythic Store.

Can you buy Mythic Essence?

While the answer to this is effectively no, you cannot purchase Mythic Essence in League of Legends, if you buy an Event Pass during events you can get 25 Mythic Essence as a drop for completing Milestone Missions.

This is unavailable to those on the free track, so while you’re not simply buying Mythic Essence in bulk, you do need to use real-life money to get it using this method.

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How to get Mythic Essence in League of Legends

There are a few different ways to get Mythic Essence, with a couple on the cards but not currently available:

  • 25 Mythic Essence will drop for every Milestone Mission you complete during events
    • As we mentioned before, you need to spend real-life money for these drops
  • For every 50 levels after 150, you will receive 10 Mythic Essence for leveling up
  • Hextech Chests have a 3.6% chance of dropping 10 Mythic Essence
  • Masterwork Chests have a 4.2% chance of dropping 5 Mythic Essence

You will also be able to get Mythic Essence via Showcase and Masterwork Milestones; two systems that will be added in phase 2 of the Mythic overhaul.

So that’s how to get Mythic Essence in League of Legends and why you’ll want to horde as much of it as you can.

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