All LoL & TFT 2024 Pride cosmetics and how to get them

Liam Ho
Pride art for League of Legends

Teamfight Tactics and League of Legends are celebrating pride once more in 2024, here’s a look at all of the cosmetics available, and how to pick them up for yourself.

Pride is making a return to Summoner’s Rift and the Convergence. Complete with new cosmetics like emotes, booms, and summoner icons, there’s plenty to pick up while celebrating this year.

Looking to grab everything on offer? We’ve got you covered.

LoL 2024 Pride Cosmetics and how to get them

League is bringing back the previous emotes from years before and introducing a new emote featuring Neeko and Twisted Fate. In order to grab the new emote, all you need to do is play as a premade group.

The event begins on Patch 14.11 and players will have until June 26, 2024, or Patch 14.12’s conclusion to complete this quest.

Neeko and TF in a Pride Emote for LoL

Similarly, you can grab any of the previous Pride emotes from the store at the cost of one Blue Essence, making them an easy pick-up. Also on sale will be the Pride Summoner Icons, which grant a new homeguard animation depending on which one you currently have equipped. These can be purchased separately or in a bundle for one Blue Essence.

TFT 2024 Pride Cosmetics and how to get them

Like its MOBA counterpart, Teamfight Tactics is also celebrating pride this year. Unlike League, however, TFT’s Pride event will only last just one patch, as the devs have a new event planned for Patch 14.12. This means you’ll have until June 11th to grab whatever you might need.

TFT has three new missions that will make previous Pride content available, as well as add a new cute emote to the roster. Equipping the new High Five emote and using it in a match will net you 25 Star Shards and the Pride booms from previous years. And using a Pride boom in a match will also net you 25 Star Shards and the Dip K’sante Emote.

Pride Trails are also making a return this year as well but will now be attached to what boom you currently have equipped. This is to better suit mobile players, who were unable to choose a summoner icon.

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