Overwatch 2’s new Mythic shop explained

Jeremy Gan
Overwatch 2 Hanzo Mythic

Overwatch 2 is getting a shake-up to how Mythic skins are obtained in Season 10, with a whole new Mythic shop just for them. So here is everything you need to know about the new addition. 

When Overwatch 2 released, one of the new cosmetic tiers to come with it was the Mythic skin, which was put up as the rarest skin a player could acquire, with only one being available every season and only that season. 

However, with Season 10 fast approaching, Blizzard has announced a change with the next major update, planning to make it easier for players to acquire Mythic skins you’ve missed in the past. 

Overwatch 2 introducing Mythic shop in Season 10

Announced in a recent developer update, the Mythic shop will be introduced as a new way for players to earn, upgrade, and unlock Mythic skins. 

The Mythic shop is planned to allow players to choose which current or past Mythic skins they’d like to make progression with during a season’s Battle Pass period. 

Overwatch 2 Mythic shop

However, they mention that players will not be locked into one Mythic skin’s progress, as you are allowed to switch Mythic skins to progress mid-way if you feel like it. 

To unlock the progression of a Mythic skin, it will cost 80 Mythic Prisms, which is the new currency exclusive to the Mythic store.

As for which skins will be available in the Mythic shop in Season 10, the Mythics from Season 1 to 7 will be on offer. Newer Mythic skins will be added to the shop two seasons after their debut.  

Overwatch 2 new currency, Mythic Prism

With the release of the Mythic shop comes a new currency, Mythic Prisms, which will allow you to unlock and upgrade Mythic skins in the shop.

To get Mythic Prisms, you will either have to complete the Premium Battle Pass or purchase them from the store.

When a Premium Battle Pass is finished, you will get 80 Mythic Prisms, which is enough for one Mythic. However, if you wish to get multiple Mythic skins in a season, you can purchase your required amount of Mythic Prisms, but it will cost you.

All Overwatch 2 Mythic Skins

As a refresher, here is a list of all the Mythic skins released so far in Overwatch, and if they will be available in the shop upon Season 10’s release.

  • Season 1: Cyber Demon Genji (in the shop)
  • Season 2: Zeus Junker Queen (in the shop)
  • Season 3: Amaterasu Kiriko (in the shop)
  • Season 4: Galactic Emperor Sigma (in the shop)
  • Season 5: Adventurer Tracer (in the shop)
  • Season 6: A-7000 Ana (in the shop)
  • Season 7: Onryō Hanzo (in the shop)
  • Season 8: Grand Best Orisa
  • Season 9: Ancient Caller Moira
  • Season 10: Vengeance Mercy