Teamfight Tactics rotating shop explained: Start date, currencies, more

Liam Ho
Prestige Dragonmancer Yasuo

A new rotating cosmetic shop is being introduced for premium items in Teamfight Tactics. With plenty of rare Chibis, Arenas, and Booms on offer, here’s what you need to know including its release date and more.

Teamfight Tactics announced that it will be introducing a rotating shop for cosmetics sometime throughout Set 11. Now that time has finally come, we have a full look at what the developers have to offer. The feature will provide a new way for players to grab some of the rare and prestigious cosmetics using new currency, instead of rolling via Treasure Realms.

TFT rotating shop release date

Teamfight Tactics’ rotating shop will be released with Patch 14.11 on Thursday, May 30, 2024. The shop is a permanent addition to Teamfight Tactics and will allow players to pick and choose what cosmetics they’d like to grab.

TFT rotating shop categories

The rotating shop in TFT will be split into two categories, each indicating what sort of content you might find there. Mythic will provide players with the rarest and top-tier cosmetics, think your Prestige Dragonmancer Chibi Yasuos, and new mythic arenas.

Chibi Spirit Blossom Sett
Players will be able to pick up Mythic Chibis from the Mythic section of the store.

The Seasonal category will feature items that aren’t as rare such as Little Legends, base Chibi champions, and regular booms.

TFT rotating shop currencies

The rotating shop will also introduce two new currencies into TFT. These are Realm Crystals and Mythic Medallions. These will used for the corresponding categories in the store.

Mythic Medallions are used for the Mythic section of the store, whilst Realm Crystals will net you the less rare items from the Seasonal section. Players can grab Realm Crystals for free throughout the Battle Pass and Treasure Realms, but Mythic Medallions will only be granted from Treasure Realms.

Treasure Realms

With the arrival of the rotating shop Treasure Realms will also be receiving some changes. Now instead of 100 Treasure Tokens per pull, it will cost half of that at 50. However, to account for the change in price, the Mythic content drop rate has also been reduced.

Guaranteed drops and their counts are also being removed, with players receiving an appropriate amount of currency to compensate for the changes.

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