League of Legends’ Legacy Prestige skins returning with a twist in Season 12

. 6 months ago
Riot Games

The coveted League of Legends Prestige skins will be getting a shakeup in Season 12, as Legacy skins are returning with a twist.

If there’s one thing that shows off just how dedicated you are to the League of Legends grind, it’s Prestige Skins. During each event, one character will receive a gold and white overhaul to their specific event skin, which can only be earned by spending Prestige Points.

When they’re gone, they’re gone, so if you haven’t been able to garner enough Prestige Points to get them, then sadly you’ll have to save them up for the next event – at least, that’s how it used to be.

Season 12 will see some of the most iconic Prestige Skins return to League of Legends – but there’s a bit of a twist in the tale.

league of legends lol lunar beast fiora prestige skin
Riot Games
Missed out on Prestige Lunar Beast Fiora? Don’t worry, she’ll be back in Season 12.

Legacy League of Legends Prestige skins will return

During their January 7 livestream showcasing Season 12, Riot confirmed that old Prestige skins will return to the all new ‘Mythic Shop,’ but there’s some extra information you’ll need to know.

Prestige Points are set to be replaced with ‘Mythic Essence‘ later this year, a purple version of the existing Blue Essence. This, in turn, will be the premier currency used to buy Hextech skins and Prestige skins.

Only Legacy skins that are over a year old will return to the store, and they will cycle through in a rotation system just like with the usual in-game skin store.

Additionally, skins from 2018 and 2019 (specifically those highly prized K/DA skins and the iconic Arcade Caitlyn) will be returning, however the original versions will be upgraded with subtle differences to ensure that all your hard work back in the day hasn’t gone to waste. Not a fan of the upgrades? That’s okay, the originals will still be available to you.

Related segment begins at 14:46.

Additionally, the devs are hoping to quash the feeling that Prestige skins are simply “white and gold chromas,” and will be putting more effort into creating dedicated artwork, and other features to accompany your treasures.

As we embark on a brand new journey and answer Runeterra’s call to arms, it’ll be interesting to see how the prestige system continues to evolve. However, all we want is Prestige K/DA Evelynn – and now we can finally get her.

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