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league of legends jinx ahri darius

League of Legends teams are split into five, and are divided into the top, mid, bot, support, and jungle roles. Here’s what each one does, as well as a few LoL champion recommendations for each. 

Once you’ve downloaded League of Legends and taken your first steps onto the Rift, you’ll likely be wondering what role best suits your playstyle.

Hoping to rack up a juicy K/D/A? Maybe top and mid-lane are more your style. Prefer to heal up your allies and take a back seat on the action? We’d suggest support. Either way, though, there’s bound to be a champion that attunes perfectly to your outlook.

So, here’s a rundown of all the roles in League of Legends, and some suggested LoL champions for each one.


league of legends lol summoner's rift map
The Rift will become your home away from home, but what lane will you dominate?

All lanes in League of Legends

Summoner’s Rift (LoL’s default map) is split into three different lanes: top, mid and bottom. As expected, top laners go top, mid laners go mid, and your team’s ADC and support go bottom.

In the middle of the lanes, we have the jungle. Teeming with fearsome creatures like Drakes, the Rift Herald, and the fearsome Baron Nashor, if you’ve opted to play as jungler you’ll be running back and forth taking down these objectives.

Of course, as the game progresses your team will shift around lanes in order to farm, take down turrets or inhibitors, and, of course, tear your enemies asunder in chaotic team fights. You’ll also find yourself rotating into the jungle in order to win your team some of the buffs killing monsters grants you.

All roles in League of Legends

Below we’ve listed every role in LoL, as well as some beginner-friendly champions to help get you on the Rift and shattering the enemy Nexus in no time. We’ve listed the roles from top to bot lane.


league of legends lol renekton top laner
The Butcher of the Sands can be deadly in the right hands.

Sitting right on the Northern side of Summoner’s Rift is the top lane, inhabited by a whole host of different characters. From the tankiest tanks to some of the game’s most bursty champions, the top lane is a pretty flexible place.

In the early stages of the game, we’d advise playing tankier characters. This allows you to pack a punch, but also have a bit of extra health and defense in case you make mistakes. Also, it’s more beneficial for the rest of the players on your team, as the top laner is meant to be the front line of defense in team fights.

For those who are a little newer to the game, we’d recommend either Garen, Nasus, or Darius. These feuding warriors are perfect for soaking enemy damage, but also dishing out some killer blows.

For those who don’t want to go full tank and prefer a more melee bruiser style of play, Renekton is the way to go, as this sneaky scaled creature can stun enemies and dart in and out of fights with ease.


league of legends master yi debonair skin
Master Yi’s Debonair skin is quite the glow-up.

Of League’s five roles, it’s commonly thought that the jungler is the hardest. Purely based around farming gold and experience in the jungle, you’ll have to keep your eye on the lanes as well.

When your allies are in a good spot, it’s always good to “gank” their lane (pay them a visit and try to kill the enemy laner). You’ll need to have eyes everywhere, as well as keep track of where you think your opposing counterpart may be.

Jungling has a high skill ceiling, so it’s better to start off as easily as possible. Champions like Master YiNunu & Willump, and Amumu are great starting junglers, but don’t exactly pack a huge punch.

If you’re looking to level up your jungle game, champions like Graves or Vi are a good next step, but we really advise that you take it slow work your way up.


league of legends annie new year skin
She may be small, but Annie packs quite the wallop.

If you’re looking to carry your team and snatch the glory, the mid-lane is perfect for you. Home to a vast array of mages, melee heroes, and swordsmen, there’s a huge pool of champions to pick from.

For those that are completely new to the mid-lane, many regard the adorable Annie as the gateway to unlocking most mid champions. While she largely falls into the mage bracket, her giant teddy bear (affectionately known as Tibbers) works as a melee champion and is perfect for getting used to plowing into the fray.

In terms of other mages to sink your teeth into, the mysterious Ahri is highly mobile and perfect for those who and to dodge in and out of fights, while the fiery Brand offers some straightforward AoE spell-slinging.

While you may be compelled to flip around as Akali or dive into the backline as Yasuo, these champions are incredibly difficult to master, so we’d advise staying away from them for a while.

AD Carry / Bot lane

league of legends ad carry miss fortune mf botlane adc
Miss Fortune may be the game’s starting ADC, but she makes a lot of appearances at the highest level.

One thing that’s very clear in League of Legends is that you get by with a little help from your friends, making the bot lane a great place for new players to make their mark. Populated by both the ADC and support, you’ll be accompanied by a powerful caster who always has your back.

The ADC (or AD Carry) is the offensive member of this duo. Normally a marksman-style champion, they make use of guns, crossbows, and many other weapons of mass destruction to chunk enemy health bars from afar.

Miss Fortune is the game’s starting ADC, and despite being beginner-friendly she remains viable at the highest level of play. On very much the opposite end of the spectrum, Arcane‘s leading lady, Jinx, is also perfect for beginner players, as her ability to switch between explosive rockets and rapid machine-gun fire offers players two different styles to choose from.

For those looking for a more fantastical character, the Freljord’s resident Warmother, Ashe, is also a great starting point. Her slowing arrows cover large areas, granting you a bit of a safety net if you’re still working on your aim.


league of legends DJ sona support skin
DJ Sona is one of LoL’s best skins – and she isn’t too bad at supporting, either!

Last but by no means least is LoL’s support class. A mixture of enchanters and engage champions, the support role is where we’d advise starting your journey. While you’re still an integral part of the team, you’re able to heal up your allies and remain firmly in the backline.

To begin with, we’d recommend playing enchanter supports. These mages are largely there to buff up their allies with health boosts, shields, speed increases, and much more. The Rift’s resident muse, Sona, is perfect for this and doesn’t require much more than a few clicks to have a real impact.

Other beginner-friendly heroes (and villains) include the likes of Lux and Morgana, both of whom can root enemies in place for their ADC to unload a whole barrage of shots into.

And then, of course, there’s Yuumi, the world’s most frustrating feline. If you really want to start off taking no risks whatsoever, this controversial cat simply jumps from one ally to the next and buffs them with a health or speed boost. With very little effort required, she’s a powerful support with a very low skill cap.

So that’s everything you need to know about League of Legends’ five roles and, in turn, which champions we’d recommend trying out. Finished learning the basics and looking to add more champs to your arsenal? Here’s a list of our LoL guides:

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