Ultimate Yuumi guide: Best League of Legends build, runes, tips & tricks

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Yuumi is one of League of Legends’ most annoying supports. If you want to pester your enemies as the Magical Cat, we’ve got the ultimate guide to her including the best runes, builds, tips and tricks.

Yuumi, safe to say, is one of League of Legends’ most controversial champions. The Magical Cat is as cute as they are annoying, jumping from ally to ally with her trademark invulnerability.

She not only buffs up her allies, but dishes out a ton of damage with her Prowling Projectiles. Yuumi is the full package as an enchanter, with a very different playstyle to any other champion.

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We’ve got the ultimate guide to Yuumi right here, including the best builds, runes, tips and tricks to win your next League of Legends game on the Magical Cat.

Heartbreaker Yuumi skin splash artRiot Games
Yuumi is arguably League’s most unique champion, attaching to allies to power them up rather than walking around Summoner’s Rift.

Who is Yuumi?

Yuumi is a magical cat from Bandle City who is on a quest to find her master, Norra. Leaving behind her trusty book, the magical object turned into Yuumi’s sidekick, acting as the feline’s companion in their journey across Runeterra searching for Norra.

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On Summoner’s Rift, Yuumi (and book) use their magical powers to jump from ally to ally, buffing them up as a super-powered enchanter support.

Yuumi abilities & gameplay

Yuumi is unique compared to all 156 other League of Legends champions in one specific way: she can attach to allies, making her invulnerable and buffing them up.

This mechanic is core to Yuumi. When you attach to allies, you are at their every beck and call, moving with them. You can choose to detach, and it’s needed at times to generate mana, but you will leave yourself very vulnerable with Yuumi’s low resistances.

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Because you’re not really moving for yourself, you don’t need to buy boots or take a movement Summoner Spell like Flash. Ignite, Exhaust, and Heal are the three popular choices; the latter two being the most common.

In lane, Yuumi is incredibly oppressive, able to bait enemies in before attaching to her ally. You can shut her down with crowd control, stopping her from reattaching for a brief period of time, so be careful into picks like Alistar who can quickly flash-combo you.

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As the game goes on, you want to attach yourself to a fed ally, keep them buffed up, and throw out your damage skills to keep enemies within touching distance. With a slow on her Q (which you can move around while attached to an ally) and a stun on her ultimate, Yuumi has no issues with doing just that.

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You can choose to max either your Q or E first, leaving your W for very last for those extra adaptive force boosts in the late game. Q is typically better for the extra damage, as well as avoiding the high mana cost ramp on her E.

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  • Passive: Bop ‘n’ Block ⁠— Periodically, when Yuumi attacks a champion, she restores mana and gains a shield that follows her, protecting her and the ally she’s attached to.
  • Q: Prowling Projectile ⁠— Yuumi fires a missile, dealing damage to the first target hit. It deals bonus damage and slows if it takes at least 1 second to get to its target. While Attached, the missile can be controlled with your cursor.
  • W: You and Me! ⁠— Passively, Yuumi increases her ally’s Adaptive Force and her own. Actively, Yuumi dashes to a target ally, becoming untargetable from everything except turrets.
  • E: Zoomies! ⁠— Heals Yuumi and boosts Movement Speed and Attack Speed. If she’s attached, she passes it to her ally instead.
  • R: Final Chapter ⁠— Yuumi channels seven waves of damage, rooting anyone hit by three or more. Yuumi can move, attach, and cast Zoomies! while channeling.

Best builds for Yuumi

As we mentioned earlier, Yuumi doesn’t need to build boots. Sure, you can opt for Ionian Boots of Lucidity if you need the spell haste, but this typically frees up an item slot for Yuumi in the late game other supports don’t have access to.

There’s two predominant builds for Yuumi. The standard one is a typical healer build, focused on Moonstone Renewer heals in combat, as well as the buffs from Staff of Flowing Water and Ardent Censor. As a general rule of thumb, any item that gives Yuumi heal and shield power is strong due to her passive and E.

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However, the second option is a greedy damage build with Luden’s Tempest, Horizon Focus, and Mejai’s Soulstealer. While they did nerf Yuumi’s damage output following her Season 9 dominance, if you get an early lead, you can afford the big damage items.

Top meta Yuumi build in Season 11

  • Mythic: Moonstone Renewer / Luden’s Tempest (if you get an early lead)
  • Boots: Ionian Boots of Lucidity (only as a last item)
  • Spellthief’s Edge (support item)
  • Chemtech Putrifier
  • Staff of Flowing Water
  • Mikael’s Blessing (if you need a cleanse for your carries)
  • Ardent Censer (if your team is auto-attack based)
  • Mejai’s Soulstealer (if you get an early lead, along with Luden’s)
  • Horizon Focus (if you get an early lead, along with Luden’s)
  • Watchful Wardstone (after you hit level 13)
Riot GamesRiot Games
Yuumi can build both support and damage, but the former is better in most situations.

Best runes for Yuumi

Regardless of what build you opt for, Yuumi plays best with Summon: Aery as her keystone. The poke it provides, as well as the extra shields, fits her identity perfectly.

The rest of Yuumi’s rune page (bar one choice) is rather conventional. Manaflow Band and Presence of Mind give her some much needed extra mana (her E uses up a ton of mana so don’t spam it). Transcendence is great for Ability Haste, and Scorch makes her early game poke stick a bit more.

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The slightly left-field pick is Cut Down, but considering Yuumi doesn’t even look at building any tank items and she has a low base health, it can boost her damage no matter the build.

Top meta Yuumi runes in Season 11

  • Summon: Aery
  • Manaflow Band
  • Transcendence
  • Scorch
  • Presence of Mind
  • Cut Down

Yuumi runes League of Legends Season 11

Yuumi skins in League of Legends

If you want to annoy your enemies in League of Legends, Yuumi is one of the best picks to do just that.

She might seem unassuming, but this Magical Cat can carry you to some easy victories once you master the art of positioning with her jumps. Be sure to give her a whirl before Riot hits her with the nerf hammer.

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